Increase Your odds of a normal birth – use a Midwife

A report on the results of 22 international studies, published in a recent edition of the Australian Health Review, revealed something curious. It found that low-risk pregnant women being cared for by midwives were more likely to have a normal birth than equally low-risk women being cared for by a doctor. Read more:

Group B Strep

Often women are told that they are carrying Group B Strep. Can they birth naturally without intervention and more importantly – are antibiotics even necessary? Why not look back to nature?

Planned Home Birth with Registered Midwife as safe as hospital birth!

Who would have thought?? C&P from Science News… Planned home birth with registered midwife as safe as hospital birth Published: Monday, August 31, 2009 – 12:31 in Health & Medicine The risk of infant death following planned home birth attended by a registered midwife does not differ from that of a planned hospital birth, found a study published …

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Risk of uterine rupture

If you are to have an elective C section, please ensure that you are double stitched up, not single stitched . . please read on .. AIMS Journal, Spring 2004, Vol 16 No 1 Risk of uterine rupture A single-layer, rather than a double-layer, closure of the incision after a caesarean may greatly increase the …

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