Good Vibrations

By Karina It’s all in the perspective. Our homebirth was a beautiful, gentle experience for myself and my partner but not so for our daughter Sophie. While admittedly she experienced no intrusive medical interventions or interferences with the biological imperatives of birth, her progress through the birth canal with the umbilical cord looped twice around …

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Uneasy Babies

Unforseen Caesarean Consequences Without weighing into why C-section is now a major growth industry, and why natural birthing is seen by many as dangerous, and archaic, I would ask you to please think about the effects of a major abdominal operation in our fee for service medical world.

Breech and Fetal Positioning

Your baby apparently being in the ‘wrong’ position means your body is giving you the equivalent of a warning light going off – and YOU need an  answer – something needs to change.


Induction – Heather’s position statement. 40 weeks is NOT the due date – it is  an average for subsequent births – not for the first one. That is 10 – 12 days later. It is the normal range after the first birth – 37 to 43 weeks – on a Bell curve. Ask yourself why …

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Why WOULD you want a Natural Birth?

Dr Michel Odent on his WombEcology website says: “An overview of the “Primal Health Research Data Bank” will convince anyone that our health is to a great extent shaped in the womb. We have now compiled hundreds of studies detecting correlations between states of health in adulthood, adolescence or childhood and situations when the mother was pregnant.

Birth Shock

What Are The Consequences Of Birth Shock? – Baby Becomes An Adult? Dr John Shen’s whole pulse framework model sat on top of his four levels of functioning model. This entailed understanding the nervous/circulatory/digestive and then organ functioning systems. For everything to work well as opposed to mechanically – for everything to be optimal . …

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