OP Avoidance

Whether you have rescued baby from breech, (there was a reason to be in a medically un-condoned ‘awkward’ spot) or think that 40 weeks is a full term pregnancy, there may be something else that is missing. If your baby’s head is not hitting the ‘sweet’ spot in your cervix, labour just may not start …

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Avoiding Induction

As easy as changing your focus. Why would you hurry nature? So far she has worked perfectly. Perhaps take  more Magnesium,  rest more and focus on what sort of mother you want to be. You will not be able to control anything about your baby after birth – as s/he is their own person. Why …

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Madeline’s Birth

The Story of Madeline’s Birth My first pregnancy was picture perfect.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I did what most people I knew did, got an obstetrician and settled into my regular check-ups and planning for a natural birth.


Induction – Heather’s position statement. 40 weeks is NOT the due date – it is  an average for subsequent births – not for the first one. That is 10 – 12 days later. It is the normal range after the first birth – 37 to 43 weeks – on a Bell curve. Ask yourself why …

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