Breech Birth

Heather’s new ebook “Breech Solutions” is available on the eShop.

If you have been told that your baby has settled into a non-optimum birthing position, this book will contain important information to help you decide the best course of action.

The information here is different from what you may have seen before, in that I am coming from a more inclusive approach than you will often get from the conventional medical profession.

Breech babies present with their bottoms down and their heads up.

I have called the book “Breech Solutions”, but it also encompasses any position –

  • transverse and OP (babies back of head facing your back,
  • Occipital Posterior) or any other position,
  • the possibility of herpes outbreaks,
  • going overdue and needing an induction,
  • whatever you worry about,

that may interrupt the possibilities of normal birthing as seen through the eyes of current obstetric medicine.

By looking at the two women’s’ stories at the end of the book, you may be able to see yourself in there and you may be able to understand why it is that doing everything ‘right’ has not, and may not, work.

We sometimes need to break down what we see as ’normal’ and go for the goal, not the way it should look to get there, or even what is usually done about the journey.

What about alternatives to the biomedical/ mechanical model?

What about birthing your baby as it is – breech?


Instead of trying physically to turn the baby into where it is head down, we could perhaps allow baby to do the work him/herself.

In missing why baby is there, we may be wasting our efforts attempting heroically to alter what is possibly presently in baby’s’ best interests . . . resulting in baby turning BACK to where it was more comfy or safe – and staying there until that situation is past/birth happens .

We need to ask: why is baby in a spot where it is considered to need help?

 for not presenting head first.

Breech birthing with an experienced attendant in your case may be the safest option.

You should know what your options are and understand your own situation before making a decision.

The current state of ‘natural-birth-is-not-to-be-trusted‘ model has combined with the reduction/almost lack of education /preparation for birthing.

Mum’s insecurity can be solved by baby being in a position that allows her to ‘get out’ of having to deal with the entire birthing issue – as it is almost a given that breech equals surgery.

If you really want baby in the optimal position what is unsaid is that you want to birth baby yourself.

Sometimes, this is not spelt out.

What else are you doing to engage in the transition from maiden to mother?

Birthing is not a medical issue and neither is pregnancy.

We have recently seen a massive push to have all in birthing major hospitals.

Since the advent of fetal scanning, the outcomes are less favourable for all – possibly because the operators are now not capable in palpatory skills as they used to have to be.

Seeing birthing as being a natural event means mums and babies are happier, therefore more likely to birth easily.

For the health of yourself and your baby, please read this book.


Breech a variation of normal

“To me Breech is a variation of normal. Well not only to me, 4% of babies are breech so it must be pretty normal to them too.”
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