One Mother’s Journey

Brain Injury

Happens for many of us and we never know it. Should you see a baby with ‘crossed eyes’ think – brain injury – as this is the most often visible side effect. 1) – Archie at 3 months – now with substantial mobility and generalized brain injury (‘diagnosed’ as having cerebral palsy). This was not …

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Skye’s Story

One Parent’s Lament This story is about NOT limiting the outcome. It is about working outside our personal and cultural restraints, and of allowing the path of another, under some guidance, and with apparently unlimited unseen assistance, to unfold. It can be an inspiration for those who face hopelessness either personally, or within their professional …

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Vaccination Awareness

“One of the stumbling blocks we have found when educating people about vaccinations is that they are led to believe that side effects are rare. We know they are not rare, but are seldom reported and recorded by the medical industry so it appears they are rare.