Reiki and My Parenting

I knew nothing about Reiki first hand, until Kathryn (Skye), my massively brain injured daughter, was in need of extra help. I had been vaguely aware of the more ‘out here’ types playing in the edges of healing and New Age stuff- but was a very practical acupuncturists and mother and had no need to explore – until I did.

A group of new practitioners were somehow in my area and we started going to them every week –for 7 months as it turned out.  Only two weeks were missed – possibly due to Kathryn’s illness – it was a regular thing as she was actually a lot better when she was having whatever they were doing to her done.

The time away from her meant I was done separately – and that was a chance to sleep – as she was not very good at sleeping  . .  .

Concurrently, I started to see the little girl who features in the leukaemia story … .

She was then getting direct Reiki from the leader of the group – Diana – plus she was also having absent healing done.  It was amazing watching her change colour – she was so very ill and nearly dying that the patchy orange and red of her skin tone did used to even out to normal baby colour whilst the eating was happening.

This may sound all very ‘way out’ – but it was observable to all, and made a very real and appreciable difference to both little girls.

At the time I was having teams of helpers coming in to volunteer their time as I was doing an intensive family home based neurological rehabilitation programme with my daughter, so often – as I was seeing her twice daily for two months different people were seeing her changing from nearly dying to eventually getting towards remission .. .

Back to Kathryn – I imagine when I started doing the intensive programme we had no extra time, and the Reiki was discontinued.  A few years later I signed up to ‘learn’ how to do it and went onto do the Second Degree Reiki – this meant that I was then able, when holding her, to also be channelling the healing energy . .

Life continued and when I was asked if I wanted Beth Gray (the teacher) to do an absent healing on her, I agreed.  It was really weird being in a room with possibly several hundred people and having the spirit of my daughter so palpable in the room – she REFUSED to have a bar of the healing – and by the way Kathryn was described – it was exactly her!!!!
Of course as she was apparently highly autistic and massively brain injured and definitely not vocal – it could be said that what was I speaking of???  I lived and breathed her energy and hence was aware that the Reiki stuff was as they said it was . . . Reiki was always the way to gently clam an clear Kathryn – and was invaluable for the first year or so of her life.  The two sessions she missed in the 7 month period she was going weekly were very obvious.  Her mood and ability to cope with us trying to help her was far better when having Reiki.

My Body

Whenever something happened – I was able to change the course of the healing time, as I learnt the instant something happened to suspend all that has been happening and work on myself – the quicker the better.  This over the years tended to be ankles. Often I managed to damage myself – although once I walked too close to a rose thorn and had the top of my foot ripped open.  This was a very visible and painful experience – as I had learnt – I dropped to the ground and just sat there and held my hand over the wound. When I looked about 45 minutes later – there was a faint red line – all closed over!!! The most amazing thing – as it is one thing to feel it better and quite another to SEE it better . . .


Jumping Around Chronologically

When my second son was about 9 years old, I thought it a great idea if he also was attuned to the energy – as it is very helpful to be able to attend to the general aches and scrapes that can happen in life.

As I went on to have another child, I was aware of using the Reiki occasionally when with patients – and when Ryan was dropped on his head in the concrete when he was 3 ½ months old, I was very grateful that I had something other than the needle that revived him to start him breathing again .  . What a life!!!

Many years later, as this last son was then about 13, he managed to really wrench his ankle.  I got him to sit down in the sun – and I placed my hands upon him and after about half an hour – he got up and it was fine again . . .

Hence when he got his first knife and slashed open the top of his thumb – I knew what to do – place my hand over the top of his thumb and after about half an hour – it was OK – as in not gushing blood – but I had forgotten to take the tissue off – so we had to soak it off and start the process again.

I had decided that as I lived about 50 Km from the hospital and it looked like needing stitches – it seemed easier to just fix it myself as at 13 having a needle to deaden where the stitches would be placed right inside the wound would not go down really well . .

That meant that anytime it started hurting again he would come up to me and we would sit for a while and I would have my hand over him till it stopped feeling as hot and then we would wander off again  . . This paved the way for Ryan to become a Reiki channel himself – at 14 – I have no idea if he uses it himself – but anytime he needs it – it is there as a backup . . .come a Reiki channel?

Especially if you have young children, or are trying to get pregnant (think of being able to do something useful rather than hoping and fearing), it is a wonderful thing to be able to settle all down – even if that is ALL that it did…

Becoming more responsive and less reactive in all instances in life can only help everyone around you also. . please investigate