Relieving Engorgement

Strategies For Relieving Engorgement From Maya Bolman, a well-respected clinical lactation care provider in the U.S. who uses her hands to help nursing mothers relieve the breast fullness that can interfere with their breastfeeding. Bolman observes that, since the breast has no fascia or muscle to aid in movement of fluids other than breast milk, congestion …

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Breast Milk

If we were unable as a race to make it, we, as a species, would not be here. Babies have to be able to find a nipple, attach and suckle if they are to live (in the ‘wild’).  Mother Nature has not gone to all the trouble of creating your baby, to lose at the …

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Easy Breastfeeding

As mammals we are constructed to feed our young: Without thought. Automatically. Doesn’t take any effort. It just happens. Let baby dictate how and when.
 Baby-led breastfeeding is how all other mammals do it. We just have to let Nature have her way with us. This means – easy and natural birthing makes for easy …

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Toxic Breast Milk?

Toxic Breast Milk? By Florence Williams, New York Times, January 9, 2004 Breast-Feeding Emmanuelle, First Month 2004, self-portrait   If human breast milk came stamped with an ingredients label, it might read something like this: 4 percent fat, vitamins A, C, E and K, lactose, essential minerals, growth hormones, proteins, enzymes and antibodies. In a …

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