Brain Injury

Happens for many of us and we never know it.

Should you see a baby with ‘crossed eyes’ think – brain injury – as this is the most often visible side effect.
1) – Archie at 3 months – now with substantial mobility and generalized brain injury (‘diagnosed’ as having cerebral palsy). This was not picked up till he was not walking properly  . .

Several years on he is compromised – it could have been picked up so much quicker – his eyes give it away.

Lost time for fixing the brain injury – yes it can regrow . .. many mothers have sent their first few years wondering – look to the eyes – and then do what many do – seek help – not medical and orthodox as they watch and wait – and use up the growing brain time.

Neurological rehabilitation is possible -and the sooner it starts, the more profound the changes.


2) – A baby whose parents may be still in the dark . .

The baby may grow to have minimal issues – and be accepted as part of the variability of normal. Equally as the body develops the previously quirkiness of the baby may start to reveal inner deficiencies .. .and the gross motor maybe become apparent and maybe not. As the child gets a little older – there may be some lag – and people may start talking about children all having different timetables . . . and still the crossed eyes are the giveaway that all is not well.

One easy way is to just fill in all the holes in the baby’s brain foundation – by attending to a neurological programme.

Having had a massively brain injured baby daughter, I know when I see babies with this I am looking for more – and invariably find it. Those professionals who have been educated in the current thinking may very well miss a lot as they don’t want to offend you and want to be 100% sure . . and often things do settle down – so the child may fall into a hole at mid primary school – and it is put down to behavioural or some other excuse.

As a parent – should you suspect that there is a problem you are probably right. Finding someone who is interested especially as there is no treatment – and a likelihood of your being eligible for funding – such as it is – will tend to keep those who may have a clue silent.

So – you find yourself find this section.

It does not have to show up yet – and may have.


I would strongly suggest that you look outside the mainstream as it is heavily embedded in medical thinking. Medical is about crisis management and heavily invested in pharmaceuticals – none of which will be of any use in growing better brain connections.

This is happening as the baby grows and the collateral sprouting that you wish to take over for the possible damaged sections is far more likely to be enhanced through frequency, intensity and the duration of your interventions – and to do everything at one is well outside the more ‘scientific’ approach.

You as a parent the other and just want results – and the apparent sullying of these results by doing all and everything that crosses your path is of no concern to you – as long as you get where you intend to be. I found this to be the only thing that saved my daughter’s ability to be here as a functional unit. Others may well find to the contrary. As a mother who did all she could, I can’t speak highly enough of this way of kick starting what was lost . . .

The worst that can happen by enhancing your baby/child is that they will be more of who they could be – the potential to be far greater usually stays as just that – potential. If however you child was premature or on some other way compromised – or maybe so – here is they to regain what may have been stolen – follow where other parents have gone before . . .

Educational kinesiology is a great way to start brain integration better.

I suggest that although it may seem over the top – as I personally had to deal with my baby daughter’s massive brain injury, reading the story within will assist you to get on with something – as opposed to hoping it will all pan out. Now is the time – before things are too stable and too fixed. The brain has a period where it is actively growing – and enhancing this is what you want to be doing.

Nutrition is a very important area – and whatever that is going is not good enough.

Nutritional improvement can be as simple as more greens and more nuts and seeds. Avoid all white foods. Magnesium in abundance means far less likely to have a CP child.  Far less likely to have any birthing complications -and the giveaway is any cramping/insomnia/mood disorders and/or gestational diabetes in mum – ANSWER? more magnesium – on the skin – transdermally is the best way.  Helps all the gut and IBS and constipation and aches and pains depart – as all are just a warnig fo what may happen with the struggle to supply baby with the nutrients needed for perfection.

Iodine is another – how is mum’s metabolism going? Easy to check – when pregnant the vaginal first thing on awakening temperature should be 37+ . It is half a degree more than when not pregnant and in first part of cycle. Specialists may say this is ‘old fashioned’ but it works – and does not cost.

Avoiding vaccination and all the additional toxins that may not enhance optimal development is also a big issue.

When my daughter was about vaccination age I was told by her neurologist and paediatrician NOT to give her the triple antigen. The whooping cough component was known to case brain injury in one out of 147 cases – and no one was told this as the spin was vaccination was the safest option – though not to those children who were vaccine damaged . . . and as we are now told to start at birth – who would know who the baby COULD have been?

I suggest that you become proactive, rather than trusting and accepting of the commonly held notion is that vaccinating babies and young children – especially when they are ill – is safe. It is not. Babies are vulnerable and need the very best start you can give them through your own nutrution. Also also

Although my daughter was also autistic and still is – you can do a lot to avoid this happening to you . . .