Breech – Twins? Easy – let us change this conversation about

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Easy birthing happens when we are set up to win . .

As Nature intended


Over the decades of working as a natural health problem solver I have discovered some very obvious rules –

Ingredients are needed – NUTRIENTS
Circulation of these is vital – in and out of the body, the cells and the systems set up to run smooth functioning – FLOWS

Removal of waste products being a very most important aspect


Two major concerns:


Structure determines function               and              Energy follows thought – you get what you focus on

Breaking this down – we have:
What are we making our life with?

When pregnant – what are we making that baby with?
And prior to pregnancy – what are we setting the unborn person up with as architecture – forever after?


Maybe Nature has a point – with NOT making a baby when we dictate?
(Those TTGP – trying to get pregnant – do they not realise that that is what sex is for).
When not allowing the beginnings of a pregnancy to continue?
When giving out warning signs in pregnancy – to be ignored as the medical profession normalises such issues as back ache, nausea, lack of energy, foggy thinking (‘baby brain’), vague aches and pains and the weight gain. fluid and fat that may appear.
Why not see these for what they are?
The body telling us to do something different?

To pay attention?
This is the theme of this work.
Do we ever wonder what we are running our bodies with (fuel)?
As with a car – the better fuel – the better ride.
As with constructing a house – the better foundations/effort spent on the resources to make walls and roof – the better it lasts and looks.




I mentioned itching?
Choleostasis solutions – here


Pick up your own copy of ‘What Dads Can Do’ here

Better still – here is the opening the baby gate site – look through and the resources show up here.

Here is an easy babies twin story

Amanda started seeing me decades ago as a teenager and popped in whenever there was something she could not work through herself. When initially pregnant she was not happy with the medical world and what they demanded – and found that she could not get into the local birth unit unless she had a scan – which she eventually did at 26 weeks and was told alarming things – so she came to see me (150 Km away) and we resolved the common sense approach – of course your baby is growing well and normally. (where did Do No Harm go??).

Unfortunately, the posterior lie and the dipping of the heartbeat in contractions meant that she was seen as being ‘high risk’ and whisked off elsewhere and eventually had her bub naturally.

Baby two – at home in 3 hours  in the water.
Pregnancy 3 was intended to be as well – but the dreaded scan at 27 weeks showed two babies – and thus after a few weeks, she was visiting me as they were both breech – and she was still adamant birthing was natural. BUT  BOTH of them

Whilst she was all tied in knots over the possibility of a C section – I was more interested in getting her stable – as ‘all good’ medically is hardly a starting point – she was not drinking enough water, stressed in relation to bush fires threatening their home and factory, and was so itchy – especially on her arms and legs – and eating so much fruit. A couple of session – close together and her following advice – vastly more water (she still has dry lips though) and taking Blood tonic herbs – she has a crack in the middle of her tongue – and eating (she did not feel like it) veggies/fat and protein every few hours and take the juice of half  a lemon in water on arising.

All achieved, she came in more well (I did not want to start the pelvic aligning until there was stability in health) and waddled in and wandered out not even feeling pregnant. Babies both really active and eventually when she took a day off standing on her feet in 40C heat and lay on her bed and read a book all day in air conditioned comfort – babies both turned head down.

Next session – I was onto her scoliosis – and again – she walked out no pain and feeling wonderful.

Two weeks later – here we are 37/38 1/2 weeks. She has a totally engaged twin one and twin two also head there ready to go. No fluid no itching and wants to get back surfing.


The process

We have a wee chat – and start in with her facing forwards.

Needles to start the day – calm and undo whatever is blocking in her pelvis = my usual array.

Needles barely in  – the second run of Bl yin points.
Also Bl 11 and a sore SI one on right arm.
The back is of concern – and I needled all sore Hwa Tuo points that straightened her out so well the time before also. (Figuring that the relaxon hormones are doing their job – I will encourage the blueprint back).
All the getting ‘ready to go’ points in – and left for a while.
More water and food taken as we go along – and magnesium on body to ensure we are giving her all needed to help with the changes.

After maybe 20 minutes – the needles out , and once on teh floor (after eating again) she has a really sore coccyx.

GV 1 in by itself.

She felt all sorts of changes in her body and up her neck.

Now to the sacrum . . .

      All of these moves are in the

Living Ligaments I course




Sacral pressure release . .

” Feels like it is lengthening my spine – but also I can “breathe easier – my chest feels like it can open more”.

“I can feel the babies moving around in more space’

     Sacral press followed by the hippy shake . .



More sacral pressure – different direction


More ligament magic
Releasing so much from left hand side

More happened as taught in Living Ligaments II – as we undid through finding out what ligaments were tight – and thus releasing till we had NO pain in the coccygeal area

In between – jiggle jiggles and more Stuck Liver Qi Release

Slowly onto the knees., and up

Onto the belly work:

All in the online Self Soothing and Foundational Moves courses that lead into the Reconnecting heart and wombspace – prior to LL I



After side gouging

“Feels like you have made more room – I am wider”



“Not even sore anymore”.

About being able now to bend down to load and unload the bottom dish washer.

(Has not been about to for 8 weeks or so)

And then we go back to being two women who tread this world together.










Home – work

One of the many eBooks in the entire – Easy Pregnancy Package.
NO NEED to moxa Bl 67 – to turn a breech . . .


Instead – unwind why baby is there.

Also see Josi’s story – another breech twin case – she had 4 of her 4 babies this way – till I asked the obvious question – “why?’

Follow what her man did – all the work as laid out in the cheat sheets (2019) and videos that come with the manual ‘What Dads Can Do’ (2005)


It is all so simple – set ourselves up to win – and we do

All easy – see resources on this site and also what to do here


As an acupuncturists you may wish to get all f the resources – and the workshop series recorded over the past 25 years? See more here  Immerse yourself in the senior obstetric multi modality natural problem solving Heather has laid out for all to partake of. The hands on ? See more here – teaching schedule.