Exposee – Heather’s 40+ years of providing fertility assistance

Follow Nature . . .

TWO perfect specimens to make a third. . .

About you . .
Maybe nothing else has ‘worked’ – especially if you have had a horror stretch of mishaps?
OR keen to get as well as possible before embarking on this precious journey?
OR – somewhere in between?
I prefer to work with what will allow the best possible lives for all I touch.
Not to have to ‘support’ IVF – but to alleviate the ‘need’ for it.
Not to heal after C section – but to ensure it is not needed.
About me .. .
I co designed and co write an 3 year acupuncture course for Brisbane in 1981 – and taught there til the end of 1984. Keeping my maternal training going – as well as attending home and hospital births as a hands-on helper, I myself birthed another child in late 1986. She needed all of my skills to stay alive. Then to help her become more functional. Many more life skills were added into my already extensive clinical and teaching expertise.

As Brisbane city’s first fertility /maternal care natural therapist . .

I now offer you – anywhere in the world – my services

My goal – Making Better Babies Naturally
(I have lived through what you do not want – a very damaged adult massively dependent child).

Easy Fertility
Also easy maternity

Always having worked on a bid as well as the electrics  – as my initial acupuncture training was by a fertility expert as a chiropractor, I knew also having done the Reichian training – that what holds the QI hostage is structure as it determines function.
What holds the structure stuck – may need a gentle and constant reminder to Let Go.
Aware that maternity was the key – my being anew mum got me into acupuncture in the first place, I always looked for more – here you see the result.

How this unfolded ..

1970’s – As an acupuncturist, I helped the body heal itself.
I found and undid the obvious blockages to flows. In addition to the meridians as per the classical (Dr van Buren) ways – there was also my naturopathic training – Western herbal tinctures, Bach flowers in them plus herbal teas and castor oil packs to undo blocked tubes (and all else I did – that DID result in babies – prior to IVF) :  lymphatic and prostatic drainage, Gua Sha, cupping, moxa and a lot of brilliant classical acupuncture. Soft tissue and visceral realignment, adhesion breaking and scar work plus moves to aid digestion to allow best functioning.
1980’s – Discovered another one of my masters – Dr John Shen. I followed all of his grounded elder wisdom.
In clinic I added in some extras to help – Vit B and C and more water drunk and better food choices.
Life was easy – women were simple – their cycles being regulated and the upsets removed – all got pregnant within a few months – if not weeks
How so? Men were fertile back then

WHY is this now a problem (and why are we saying women need ‘donor eggs’?

(HINT – look at the red numbers as we go through the past few decades).

1982 – Men were considered FERTILE if only morphology of 19.5%
1987 – I started seeing the men as they were classified as infertile – at 50%.
(Donor sperm only option prior to ICSI).
I saw some men specifically as IVF would not use their sperm.
1990’s – early – getting harder – but very possible with his commitment –
1992 – WHO dropped the standard, so the morphology (NO GOOD) could be 70% abnormal
1997 In addition to all the above skills and with constant updating and trialing in my own clinic and picking up many other modalities, having been Kathryn’s full time carer and her health advocate, and her brain injury therapist –  I worked full into all Chinese herbs and ++ supplements to try to assuage the lack of great ingredients (sperm and cycle repair).
Concurrently – medically laproscopies arrived as did tinkering with women’s hormones. Sperm dropped again to 85% abnormal
2000’s – all couples required – though a large problem with the men seeing the point still.
2010 after 96% abnormal was seen as being fertile, I refused to play that game.
I am Kathryn’s mother – I have seen way too many damaged forever people – as they started off somehow messed with.
Building a foundation from obviously second grade materials is not what would pass a building inspection.
What farmer would be this stupid?
They only start considering a stud bull if his numbers are less than 10% morphology (NO GOOD) – after all – why are they not ZERO no good?
That is a question – and we answer it together on my intensives. . .

Now I am only seeing couples.

By the time you find me – you are hurting.
I knit it all back together – your bodies and broken hearts.
We need to focus on what we are building – a family.
Also –  a new person to live in that ‘house’ you are making – forever after.
Using detox agents that I know work – and have been the only way some men with essentially NO SPERM AT ALL have become dads with their own babies.
Yes – there is STILL sometimes a need for IVF – when all else is in alignment.
Liquid activated zeolites and Glutathione accelerator to pull out what is stopping normal.
Before using supplements and herbs – topical always first.
2014 Maya/Arvigo added in – seeing both still – all with woeful sperm
2016 – Attended the Mercier training in US – still though it is brilliant – see the movie here . . no mention of the men.
2017 – I thus designed my own Gentling Ways – a fusion of the deficits I could see  – as the answer to the moves only with no understanding of the Reichian armour bands and what this means.
2017 – Got the non contact thermometer – a temp gun. Major discovery – hot testicles chased.
(No man coming in here partnering a woman wanting babies has the right (fertile) temperature – should be 29-30C maximum to make good sperm).
2019 – Integration – all that makes this work so easy – we start from the beginning.
2020 – Handing over to those who wish to learn how to work WITH not AGAINST nature.
2021LET US GET ON WITH IT – when best? NOW.
Work with nature and make sure your ‘garden’ is perfect to grow your children in.
Avoid  the epidemic of miscarriages and the modern ‘need’ for morphology fetal scans.
Look to the red numbers above – this is preventative medicine – and baby insurance.
I am now only offering intensives – to all – to undo.
We need to get you back to baby making probability.
Then maybe you can go back to your favourite local practitioner – if you need to.
Your past health problems and back and tension and digestion after this programme should be perfect – and you follow through with the homework and herbal remedies, and life changes – and all will become – as with so many who do – a healthy pregnancy followed by an easy birth and a happy family.

The progression of my fertility work shows why we now ‘need’

(leading into fewer reproductive mishaps – especially .

Nature makes no errors. Modern life has.
Let us fix that 






Do reach out – I am easily found online.  In this lockdown pause I am at home in NZ where I am developing all the online ways that you can access my decades of finding solutions when all else seems lost.