Pre-maturity and other’ hard’ topics

Pregnancy over too soon . . .

Please be aware that this is not ‘medical’
This is life.
My scope of practice is wellness – and its return.

(Likely just a matter of tweaking ingredients – nutrients – and flows – circulation)


Please look to – very interesting content.

The grooming of acceptance of less than primal maternity

Testing, Testing…

All may be scary if you have no idea of how health (y) works and what causes wellness . .

My scope of practice is life enhancement – what works .
Following Nature

Sometimes we need to become more resourceful and resilient . . .

Here I speak around and of issues that you may wish to not hear.
Happens to some of us

Not a group you want to belong to.

You need Better Baby Insurance . .

Kylie Sheffield’s son – please see the book here

The tetralogoly of Falot bub’s story – interfacing with me.

Kathryn’s mother’s story