Perfect pregnancy

It is  a large job to grow a baby to perfection. Nothing is a magic fix – but keeping going all I suggested is the way helping your body attain perfection. Never more so than turning all around to make another person. In this present time there is little space for rest and regeneration. What …

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Jing Markers – him

There is apparently an infertility ‘epidemic’ But perhaps you could stop and ask yourself – am I well? How many of these infertility markers apply to you? Is he – prospective dad (or she – prospective mum) – well? Are we well placed to go through the rigors of being a parent? If not – …

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Making Better Babies

Get in baby making shape first You can change your baby’s future health and existence – simply . . Learn how here. Great eggs and plentiful useful sperm make great babies. Epigenetics are what allows who you could be to be expressed. And all those coming after you. Healthier, more robust grand children and their …

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Relieving Engorgement

Strategies For Relieving Engorgement From Maya Bolman, a well-respected clinical lactation care provider in the U.S. who uses her hands to help nursing mothers relieve the breast fullness that can interfere with their breastfeeding. Bolman observes that, since the breast has no fascia or muscle to aid in movement of fluids other than breast milk, congestion …

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Induction (2)

Induction (part 2) This is my position statement, as so many people do not think through what is being asked of them by their medical directors. . Intervention into the interface mum/baby inherently alters the dance of hormonal bliss that awaits all who birth undisturbed – naturally as a mammal. Often people think I will …

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