Helping yourselves

There are so many ways

In 2005 I produced a set of DVDs and a manual:
Often I am told it is the wrong title – it is the RIGHT one. .
Mum and dad (to be) need each other to be together as the Team Baby (To Be).

What Dads Can Do.


Whether you are pregnant – or want to be . . .

or whether you just want to feel more comfy in your body – here are some instant answers.

Instead of hope – let us DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. .

A taster

Offering: Saturday 31st August  2 – 5pm

The Life Alignment Centre – 10 Kitchener St Coorparoo.

A chance to feel and be amazed at how simple and how long reaching such a simple move can be.

(We also have a few more – such body and soul relief – instantly!)

Relief from what?

You know . . .


Holding into all that ‘yuckky’ stuff
It is in the way of what you wish for . . Easy . . Life flowing.
Maybe you have had a ‘bad’ birth, a stillbirth, baby dying at some point in utero, a dreadful termination due to bub not ‘OK’, a miscarriage, not getting past embryo transfer, not making embryos – still not having good enough sperm Being told ‘too old’ too ill’ etc.
Allow a very senior natural ‘well baby maker’ take you through beginning to heal from .. all that no one wants to talk about.

After IVF /Implantation Failure – what next?

Bad Sperm?


Too much distress?



STOP ‘Trying – it is not working
UNDO – why Nature is not happy
HEAL – from whatever has broken you on so many levels.

To .. .
Begin again ..

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who feels STUCK and hopeless – and not sure what to do next.
  • Couples – THEY have to go from here to a family – together.

How do I know/who is Heather?

It has been my business to. Before IVF there was e. Afer IVF – there I am still.  As the only fertility and pregnancy worker in the early 80’s (prior to IVF) in Brisbane, I have taught since 1981 – acupuncturists and midwives nationally and internationally – naturally better baby making – and easy birthing options. A precis on some of what I have been up to.

More on Heather here . .

What is this about?

Offering solutions.

Intimate space . .
You work on each other’s bodies only.

What will we do?
1 – Brief hello as intro (as short as you like)
2 – Undo what is store in ourselves
(Showcasing a few of my easy self help moves).
Open chest and Round and round – belly.
Then my fabulous Stuck Liver Qi Release – as above.
3 – Reframe what comes up – remedies and tools to assist the distress/ grief/anger/betrayal and loss of hope.
4 – Home work

5 – Where you can go next to heal.




Only room for 5 couples – please let me know. $55 – pay on booking.
(Limited spaces – a ‘one off’ – pre father’s Day

so HE can feel as though next years it is all about him)

0409 893 98