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Why is making an easy baby important?

(Besides the obvious – we all need to sleep and enjoy being parents and babies)

You are making your grandchildren, just as your grandmother made you.
This is such a responsible job.
Please put the effort to it it deserves –

Maybe ask yourself . .

What about HIM?

What about what is REAL?

Not money making – but important for the whole event .
In the scope of practice of a natural health care provider- not a medico – is improving and enhancing nature . .


Undoing what has happened to you so far.

Your health when changes the pelvic flows flowing again – then you can have brilliant pelvic circulation and make Better Babies  – and feel sex more, have easy periods and be  happier woman . .

Told you have – ‘Old eggs . .??

You need to get the circulation back – and then see what is possible.


So what?
What about life repairing itself?
Are we living a real one?

The sperm quality debacle.
Rescue yourselves
Join up with Nature and she will Make Better Babies with you.

Maybe you need first . .
Maternal Rescue?
Heart broken?
Body all out of shape?

Maye come see me when I am in Brisbane . . (from early June 2018 – late September)



What am I doing?
A combination of all that I have developed researched and taught over the past 40 years . ..

Most important thing – support Nature

There is so much that used to be shared traditionally with women – and now is lost – or not known by those who you pay to watch over your pregnancy. Do you really need anything other than a simple life? Surely your body is to be trusted?

Babies, like puppies – are for life. You want to make the best one possible, and then not break him/ her or yourselves – please read on. If you want to get pregnant easily, possibly also see the wealth of very different information on my problem solving Apps – periods, fertility and pregnancy. All safe and empowering information that you will likely not find elsewhere. (There is a hidden drop down menu when you hit ‘pregnancy’ under apps – is all about easy fertility/easy pregnancy /easy birthing and being a happy family – naturally.


If you want to see me

I offer intensives as I step back to teach those who will then be teaching others this work.
The combination of all I do into the Gentling Way is the answer to

Nothing has worked for me

(And I still have .. .).

See more here on the intensives. I am in Brisbane for windows of time.

Mercier Therapy

I am mainly teaching those who will follow on.After dispensing natural health care for 40 years – mainly in the maternal sphere I am handing over to those who can think for themselves and who know that here is a lot of mis-information and want to return to biological. Natural – mammalian – heartful and with soul.

If you are in the vicinity of my clinics – Brisbane, Australia and Greymouth, NZ – come in for the  Gentling Way sessions I now give – you will be in for total change  I offer intensives only. An investment in you and all those who follow down your family line through time – to the future of all who are left when we go. Sustainable is only as good as the foundation. By becoming pregnant you are setting in motion another person’s existence.

Do think on that – not TRYING to get pregnant – but making the best you can – in all aspects. Hoping and testing are dangerous.

I am teaching others to Step Up and to help you.

This will initiate you into woman’s natural mysteries.

Easy puberty/easy periods/easy fertility/easy pregnancy, easy birthing and easy womanhood will be more in your grasp.

If you want to improve your own chances of a great bonded birth and afterwards – possibly you may need more info – and here it is!!  Trawl this site . . . and also everything in the works instantly downloadable here and the rescue yourself site here.

Learn all this and more here.

Maybe talk with me about what can do we ca do together to assist your me to easy periods to make better babies naturally? http://acupunctureplus.com.au/contact/


Online consultations available

Contact me perhaps – mail on heather@heatherbruce.com.au

or ring (+617) 3899 2274 and leave a voice message if I do not answer – so I can return your call.

Better  still – sign up for at least the Self Care course and look after each other and yourselves as though you were your own baby

To make an easy pregnancy, baby and beyond . .

You may need to listen to your body. You may need the services of a Natural Fertility Detective/ Natural Pregnancy Coach.

Maybe start here?

And email me for your inclusion in my ‘Help Yourself to a Better Baby’ programme – coming soon!!

Perhaps ‘like’ Natural Fertility Coach on FB and ‘Naturally Better Babies’


If you wonder about any health issue – drink more pure, non chilled water – all day – why? See here 

Want to improve your fertility? Health for any reason – maybe to be happier – the below sequence of 7 basic FREE therapies – watch the start here – and remember making better sperm/eggs/babies – all start with health – yours. . . there are 7 in the sequence –

  • declutter,
  • hydration,
  • fresh air,
  • breathing,
  • food,
  • rest and regeneration and
  • detoxing . . .

You may be wondering why IVF and various other methods have not given you the sweet bundle in your arms you wished for. You may also be wondering why others are having such troubles with what used to be so simple – making babies easily in the privacy of your own home. Perhaps LIKE Natural Fertility Coach on FB to find out more.
Reach out for my sensible solutions.

Being a natural problem solver and different thinking person, who has been working before IVF even existed, I have been helping those who wish to use natural methods to make an easy baby after a peaceful pregnancy.

I suggest –

  • we start from the beginning, (HEALTH of BOTH of you)
  • work up to the steps needed to maybe go to IVF as a last resort.

What makes this message special?

Work with your body and nature

Do not forcing what is not currently/presently a good idea.

I have developed something very new . .
The Gentling Way

My personal fusion of  Western and Chinese herbs/naturopathy and

Maya and Mercier techniques/acupuncture get results.


Sex is for making babies – maybe you are not yet??
In the past almost all who engaged in sex at any age under 50 for women – got pregnant – wanting to or usually not – so what has changed??

Very good question – are the right questions even being asked now $$$ is being made so easily by those who would not last in a farm – as no farmer would be that stupid to try to do what the human doctors are attempting  we have to be at least well before embarking on making more of us.

Who is Heather Bruce you may ask??? Someone who has been working with women and couples to make great babies for nearly 40 years in and around Brisbane, and in Christchurch and Greymouth, NZ) I am used to having couples apparently as ‘hopeless’ cases (when IVF has not worked – especially when she is told her eggs are ‘not good’ and she needs donor eggs) become happy parents.

Find out more ring me on (07) 3899 2274, if in Brisbane, and do come in and see me as a couple (with his sperm results). Or find out when I am next in NZ – and in any case – maybe we can get started with your health concerns – as a well body means babies are more likely – on both your parts.