Father’s Day

It is at your house?

Can he even BE a dad?

Start from the beginning.

Relax . .

For a moment – engage in QUALITY control

Forget about the reproductive retail opportunities

(with time deadlines of ‘her age’ thrown around) and look back to BOTH of you.

Your health.

Get back to nature – sex makes babies – and maybe not for you – there is a reason . .
Let us find it out and fix it

Baby making recipe . .

There is more. .

Follow my Life Recipe . . PLUS take on board all of this.

Better sperm RECIPE

Cases . .

One dad-to-be came in with 50% looking normal and 100ml/ml (‘super stud’ considered even back then 10 years ago) and 2 1/2 months later was tested as being 95% normal and 225 million.
He followed this – nothing else – he dropped10kg, could not believe his clarity or ability to work at a much higher level. He was rapt – no therapies – only changed his way of being – to be more as ancestors!
Another man – His past wife, after 15 years of NOT becoming pregnant  – finally repartered and was pregnant before she wanted to be with someone else. His new partner also was pregnant easily with her past husband . . He thus had a good idea that it was him. He JUST took out all caffeine and alcohol and ended up with 2 children, too close together as he had not believed his increase in fertility. Easy – live simpler!

Yet another – they had terminated the Down’s daughter’s pregnancy at 20 weeks. Whilst it could be argued his wife at 44 was ‘to blame’ I put them both on the ‘sperm recipe’ – as it is pro life. After his rectal BBT went from 34.6 to 36.6C (This took a year and he totally transformed his exercise and food regiemes) I suggested they try to see what happens – and 2 months later (AT HER AGE INDEED!!) their totally perfect son emerged. Her at 46 years old! It is all about the QUALITY and you can change this. They both felt ‘hard done by’ as all their past food/beverage options left – and they had their dream family – even at their ‘advanced’ age. She also followed this pattern of living simpler, and easily birthed, as VBAC and had an easier time of breastfeeding as she was in so much better health.

Go back to basics . . .

Maybe see what nature has to offer – and specifically when you have tried all else. .

It is all possible – step away from the medical and back to the gardening and farming models. .

Let me show you how – contact Heather


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