Perfect pregnancy

It is  a large job to grow a baby to perfection.

Nothing is a magic fix – but keeping going all I suggested is the way helping your body attain perfection.
Never more so than turning all around to make another person.

In this present time there is little space for rest and regeneration.

What tends to happen is that the body throws out warnings that are glossed over.

When a woman starts growing another person within (baby) – the ‘nest’/garden she has a seed growing is the beginning of life .

When it is less than perfect (all the period and health issues that she may have had need fixing before the baby makes an entrance) is not the time to start repair
one women are designed for – but when their body has had problems of any description, body is stating from behind
This is why I suggest when women are pregnant that they see a natural holistic pregnancy care practitioner all through the pregnancy – not a surgeon or someone who is NOT trained in health enhancement.. The scope of practice of a natural health care provider is what is needed for optimal pregnancy ourtcimes .
The problems that the others monitor then do not happen – and if they start up -are easily undone.
1 – The key to keeping all working is not only the herbs – but ensuring the ongoing healing
2 – Why it happened in the first place
2 – Repair from all the scarring (internal) of both the endo and the following surgeries and what they did.
3 – General life clean up as ALL of us are becoming more toxic as we go along.
None of this is recognised in the medical sphere as they say ‘we don’t know’ on relation the general loss of great health – especially in the reproductive area.

Something no one talks of ..  . .

Pads/tampons – what is used to stop ‘leakage ‘ and dripping
Please watch the demos there.
Never more than the pregnancy time – these pad are extraordinary – as they are always dry on – meaning any vaginal/urinary issues can be altered easily.
The safety of menstrual aids are crucial.
The release of dioxins from our intimate care is a starting point.
Whilst speaking of tampons – the use of the bleaching is seen in the usual products people use – as the staining when I put the water into them.
Please search that site yourself – also here
Though it was in 2005 – all will be vastly worse now.
The importance of purity
Loss of ‘normal’ ..
The tendency to be ‘nervy’ /easily distressed – it seems to be most who come in to see me now.
We are all over stretched in what is possible. This means that the body gets itself tangled up and the gut can’t do its perfect job. Any gut problems magnify all else – not only in comfort – but the gut is the factory/engine. We may be no longer are producing or circulating what is needed.
All this is life investment as we need to make the most perfect ‘garden’/baby nest possible.
This is why I did up the Life Recipe
(What goes in the mouth is a very small part of what is needed).

Being Baby Ready . .

Sperm should be in perfect health first. Then it is first go as was always meant to be.
Survival of the fittest.

The investment before conception pays off now.  It means all happens as nature expects when perfect sperm meets what will be a happy egg to grow in a repaired body. Pregnancy mishaps/ miscarriage are preventable.  The incredible burden we live under hence the body not being in perfect (alpha male) shape is showing up as really odd pregnancy problems. ‘We don’t know’ is not good enough.
Following nature – this is not supposed to happen. (Survival of the fittest.).

All is in the preparation – as it would be if you going to run a marathon.
Once the baby is in – then it is up to what went before – not watchful monitoring – that makes the task as nature provided.

Pregnancy path

The way easy pregnancies result. Ideally I take someone all through a pregnancy – thus any shortfall/dd things happening is corrected.
We tweak to perfect functioning – not stopping problems – but making sure that they do not happen.
This process I have honed in the past decades and all who come to me have easy pregnancies with perfect outcomes – if they follow what I say and stay away from the fear based – we need to scan all the time – medicalised trauma filled/we don’t know – so we will check you all the time.
Not what is safe for baby growing inside you.
See more here
This is absolutely what happens as the medical net draws in.

Best spacing in pregnancy – not finding problems – but making sure that they do not happen.

The pregnancy sessions I worked out work best are:

Why I do this (read this mums story). . .the results are always the same – we can change baby health dramatically – and forever.
I see early pregnancy as the most important step and when there are ANY problems that mum experiences – this means that there are ingredients/circulation issues – that we need to undo.
Every two weeks (if nausea etc) – more in the first 3 months – then monthly (unless any problems) then as the pregnancy develops – as so few stop work – x2 monthly form about 28 weeks and weekly after 36 – as easy is not what is now happening as all are told it is essentially a dangerous thing to be growing a baby – and it is – for baby as all that testing and upsetting you needs being put in perspective – which is what I do . . plus return all to perfect functioning each time so there is no untowards issues.
Plus return everything to perfect.
Ingredients needed. .  .