Have you had – or do you dread – a ‘BAD BIRTH’?


The world seems to have forgotten that mammals open and can easily become mums

You may be scared, hurt, bewildered – and at a loss.
Your maternity – damaged.

You have your precious bundle . .

Everyone may be so encouraging

How you have a beautiful baby/child/family

You may not be feeling this .

You know your body is not as it was.

Inside – you are distraught – and always – you put on that happy face . .

How come you do not feel glorious?

Maybe you now hate your body.

This is so common.

How to move through this?

Time is not likely to heal.

I have sat with women who decades later are as though what happened was 5 minutes ago – imprinted with the trauma.

Counseling may help . .

More likely  undoing, unraveling, untangling those knots and barriers within.


How to start?
Deep breath – get up and get your Qi flowing . .


Looks like this


Now there is a bit more of you . .
The body . .
Needs to be free

Scars and adhesions block the five systems of flow.

Easily resolved . .

Go from here


Something may have broken this process – not only you – but so many others.

to here


Help yourself.
Take charge –
Stop feeling helpless and hopeless.

life enhancement – not medical – that s for breakdowns . .

You need – your uterus put back to where she should be

So life/love and babies can flow again.



I wrote a manual complete with DVDs – now instantly downloadable video footage – that works –

This has been taken up by midwves especially when tehy realis e- this allows home births to cotnue as mum is well – an dmore importantly -her pelvis is aloigned.
Yes – tyou amay haev anice chiro or physico or strutural perosn – AND there is mroe – so much more

Wen pregnant – your body is remaking itself.

I have it here – either online via my work that is easily given to you by your partner or someone who cares at home.
And you yourself. .


seeing me or one of my graduates.
We are hereto help you as we too have been through this as mothers and now health care professional.