Is it his Fertility?

Here is a question.

Where are the fertile men whose partners are told that they are ‘too fat’/’too old’ etc? I don’t see any fertile results for fertile men partnering the women who are told that they have poor AMH or ovarian reserve. When I look at the partner – he is at best marginally fertile. Why is it her to shoulder the cost to her sense of self?  See the terrible sperm decline as shown in WHO “least fertile” markers here

Year (This is just being visually normal
– one head, one tail – no mention of actual chromosomal integrity).
1980 80.5%
1987 50%
1992 30%
1999 15%
2010 4%
2017 3%

Where can this go next?

A good question. SHE is told it is her  . . . (esp now there is the AMH test – and the whole argument that she is ‘aging’ with no mention of the toxicity effecting his sperm quality is the problem for most couples. He does not know to make changes if he has been told he is ‘OK’. That his sperm are ‘fine’ or ‘a bit slow’. This translates as baby unlikely naturally.  You can make the changes needed easily. If you know what to do . .

Reproductive medicine has no answers for men. Farmers and gardeners would though. Get Well

I see few fertile men’s semen results. They are dads and have usually been snipped to stop any reoccurence.

She is told that it is her being ‘too fat’/ ‘too old’/’too endometrially challenged’/ ‘too messed up with PCOS’ etc.
I know from decades of working in this area that if the men are fertile – she is a mum and he is a dad.

Naturopaths for decades have been assisting men to naturally enhance their health, leading onto easy fertility with very robust pregnancies and vibrant mothers and children as a result.  Farmers, race horse and greyhound owners, veterinarians all follow the health of both parents and cull out those who are suspect in some way.

Over 32 years ago, I had sold my clinic as I was pregnant with my own third baby.  I did a locum briefly and chanced upon a woman who after 7 years of trying to conceive (she was 24 when I met her) had given up. 

Apparently her husband was just able to produce bits of dead sperm and pus. She was very sour on the idea of fertility help – as she had been previously on very high doses of Chlomed for ages, which had just upset her body. (One could ask why they were doing that and the answer is – in case there was one sperm about, it definitely had an egg or two to find . . . . . .)  

After THREE WEEKS – (3 sessions a week for both of them with me) she was pregnant.

Two years later they did it again then he had a vasectomy.

So what was the secret?

They (especially he) were desperate and when I met them again and asked them a few months ago why they thought it worked, I was told that they did EVERYTHING I suggested – and they were very aware that I was only in the clinic for a few weeks whilst the clinic owner was on holiday.

They had three acupuncture/lymphatic drainage and moxa sessions a week, took all the vitamins and herbs I suggested and were quickly blessed with two daughters.  Easy!!! I fixed them both .. .  (Now are grandparents)

Maybe it is a simple matter of wrong sexual positioning (she has a retroverted uterus making natural sperm placement a prority – however ‘old fashioned’ and quaint this may sound to the specialists – it costs nothing to ensure sperm are deposited where they can easily swim in . . . .

Recently a woman came in to tell me that they had been ‘trying’ for three months and as she was not pregnant, and as she was ‘old’ – 41 – they were going straight to IVF as she already had ‘dodgy’ eggs – as though one’s life style and state of nutrition/stress levels/previous bulimia/anorexia/dieting and drug and alcohol/cigarette usage and general lack of well-being are all secondary to the number of years we have lived ).

In questioning her I found that yes she did have a retroverted (tipped backwards) uterus – and on explaining that thus they actually hadn’t started ‘trying’ yet as she was refusing the ‘barnyard position’.  This rush for IVF was often unnecessary – just sort out why nature is not working and address this – all those with ‘unexplained infertility’ can take note here.

Had they seen if her tubes were allowing sperm through? (no) had they checked that she was ovulating? (no) had she been taking her temperature in the morning to check if her thyroid had set her metabolism at the right rate? (no)  . . . . was she having sex all through the month (no), was he taking any supplements (yes – as I had mentioned this and not drinking alcohol and caffeine to her earlier). What was the hurry?  She was ready for babies now – and she was getting older.

The calendar age of both parents tends to reflect how much contaminants they have been exposed to – and sometime sthe strength of what they will pass on – but not always. There are many ways you can test your baby making readiness. Maybe ask me more?

What was happening about HIS sperm ? – The doctor said it was ‘good’ . . . I have seen the tests of a number of men who apparently were ‘good’ – and they were hardly scrapping into the normal range. In fact often the sperm are not helpful at all.

One couple who had tried twice with IUI (artifical insemination) and both times, they thought because of her endometriosis it had failed. When I checked his sperm results – he had ‘normal’ amount (100 million – which is 5 times more than what is ‘passible’ according to the WHO) with reduced motility and with (their words on the testing sheet) dreadful morphology with bizarrely abnormal head defects’. Where is the genetic material stored?  On the head of the sperm. He only was making ONE PER CENT NORMAL.

So why were they being used?
Because, apparently medically there is nothing that can be done . . .
At a cost of $840 a month – and what if he did manage to fertilise an egg – what sort of pregnancy would be likely?

But there is actually is a great deal that can be done here.

If this is also you – with poor quantity or quality – think about what it is that you are making sperm with.

Don’t listen to ‘near enough is good enough’ arguments – go for perfect through looking after yourself.  You make sperm from what is left over attending to your own needs – are you getting enough good sleep/water and food?  Are you happy, so your gut is actually supporting you instead of both of you being at war with each other – taking anti reflux medication is so medical and not helpful – sorting out WHY there needs to be medication at all is a priorty – find someone who works WITH the body, not in spite of the of it.

Have you been exposed to a lot of industrial or farm chemicals?

The man above had – as a plumber large exposure to lead and copper – although often just being in this world is enough – the contaminants in the vaccines, the air and the bedding – look up ‘toxic sperm’ and see how much fire retardant is in your semen – and in women’s breast milk – we have just been passively breathing it in.


What to do?

Start by paying attention to all the factors found here with better health hence better fertility in mind.

1 – Start drinking lots of water
2 – Cut out all cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine.
3 – Eat more veggies and lots more protein with fat – very necessary to make hormones with.
4 – Go to bed a lot earlier (9 pm a great time – and hence get up and exercise with the dawn)
5 – Have a lot more sex – in different positions, forgetting about the apparent fertiile times.
6 – Take a good multi vitamin twice daily.
7 – Take liquid or powdered Zinc supplement plus a fish oil and a strong Vit E with extra Selenium.
8 – Find  a good antioxidant – lots Vit C (aim for divided doses and at least 10 gram a day) with also a lot of magnesium – transdermally – on your skin – a great form of detoxifying – anything is better than letting all the modern environmental chemicals just sit in there damaging you and your sperm.
9 – Get super fit – forget about the 10,000 steps per day as a goal – that is to be AS WELL as heavy workouts at the gym – or taking up a very active sport and practicing/playing at least 4 days a week – PLUS the 10,000 steps . . .

This is not a long way around baby making. It is the way to ensure that false starts such as miscarriages and other tragedies do not happen to you.

The ‘normal’ sperm range has had its bar lowered several times, as men throughout the world are following all males in slowly becoming feminised due to the pollutants in the food chain and in the toxicity of all our water and air.  20 million is about half what used to be the lowest limit to be considered fertile and I often tweak men so they are over 200 million – with sometimes over 95% normal – something to aspire to!

This may be searched separately – “Our Stolen Future” is a good place to start – also just checking out ‘hormonal disruption’ or ‘male factors in miscarriage’ may set you thinking. Whilst it may take time to become well and in the ‘pink of condition’, it pays off.

It sometimes is not so long.

One guy recently decided to test me out and get his sperm retested after only six weeks of my regieme.

From 4% normal he went in the six weeks to 10%.
From the original 33 million to 122 million.
From 20% rapid swimming to 80% rapid swimming.

So much for taking 3 months at least.

What did he do?
Weekly acupuncture

plus Chinese herbs, vitamins and detoxifying agents,

lots of water and better food, and


Following a healthier life, besides making a better baby, (men are responsible for most earlier miscarriages)  you will feel a lot more well and vibrant – in addition, stop falling asleep on the couch when you get home, and actually FEEL like having the sex every second day I suggest is needed to plant your baby well.