Is Your Baby Precious?

All of us want the best for our children and those we hold dear to us.

Sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust.

  • Who to listen to?
  • Which system of thought is that closest to how nature designed us?
What has stood the test of time?
  • Is survival of the fittest important- as long as we are in the surviving bunch?

Do we not mind if our common gene pool is getting more weakened by the modern lives we all are leading – who would survive if we were sent back to our grandparents’ lives?

An alternative to hanging off every fear infused message as it happens is (especially the cot death panics and the swine flu jabs) is to ask a very simple question – how did humans make it to here?


Fetal scanning – why ARE you??

As part of its own growing up, it can come out with ideas that until time passes look very reasonable.  The new rash of cholesterol drugs may well be a Grand Experiment best forgotten in time).  Thalidomide, Diethystilbesterone (DES) and Debendox all were disasters for those whose mothers took them when they were pregnant with them.  So why do we think fetal scanning is so safe?


As we are now living where the past medical maxim ‘do no harm’ has been lost – in the push for medications that will allow every ‘disease’ to be conquered perhaps it is time to review who to believe – not that the issue of health and life should be using such a non scientific / ’unproven’ / religious connotation word.

It might be that you think if a procedure is offered/now common practice it is ‘safe’ . . . .

Often a sensitive/vulnerable mum ‘just wants to make sure’ – especially if she has had a miscarriage or any other issue with termination or fetal abnormality and wants to put her mind at rest/feel better – but after reading the evidence maybe she might not – and who has informed consent regarding this and other retail medical opportunities?

Very early scanning – prior to 13 weeks – affects the fetus far more than at any other time as the cell division to actually set the foundations is still happening then.  BUT these very early vaginal scans are even MORE dangerous than the belly ones, as there is almost nothing separating the highly sensitive developing fetus from harm.

As these days it is now an expected thing to scan a baby at 12 weeks – when it used to be at 13 – why now 12 – differentiation (very vulnerable still to radiation is baby is forming – not just getting bigger) is being affected.

This is then often followed up by ‘the 17 week scan’ and should anything be seen as untoward – classically the placental positioning – then yet another scan (or several) will be scheduled for later on in the pregnancy.

Why is no one asking safety questions – why are they being put off – is it that we are so keen on being a voyeur?  Why NOT leave well alone?
This is not to say that occasionally scanning is warranted.

Who is monitoring whether maternal and fetal lives are saved/improved through this technological intervention?  Many women are traumatized by hearing everything that NIGHT go wrong and what is this doing to the baby who is happily growing within?
What about mum’s ability to still stay bonded, knowing she may need to think about termination  . .  (Unlikely but stats of 1 in 250 are often bandied about)


I have a pregnant woman currently with twins on board and at31 weeks they had SO FAR had 12 scans.  Why? Very good question.
Is she well? Very.

Wellness scans – BUT – how can this be so?

Why perhaps would you not?

Are the twins safe and sound? Very . . .

But possibly not after all this scanning . . .. .
Dr. Wagner – Are ultrasounds more harm than good?

Dr Sarah J Buckley has written and researched extensively on this topic
from there –

Ultrasound scans: cause for concern

Previous versions published in Australia’s Parents 1998, Mothering magazine 2000 and Nexus 2002
Most babies are exposed to ultrasound in the womb, but it is safe and helpful? This paper poses questions about the safety of ultrasound, based on published scientific literature. A revised and updated version of this article is available in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The wisdom and science of gentle choices in pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


Get Rid of SIDS Project

SIDS is the biggest environmental disaster over the last hundred years. We do not know how many babies have died since cot death was defined in 1953, but the figure exceeds one million. The number of deaths caused by the Boxing Day Tsunami and Bhopal pale in comparison.

Because it is spread over a huge population in many countries and over such a long time, cot death doesn’t seem like an environmental disaster. It doesn’t grab the headlines or cause public outrage or political fallout. It just continues, year after year, one death at a time, a seemingly random occurrence. Nevertheless, cot death could be a direct result of environmental pollution.

Read more …


Western Orthodox Medicine

Most of us have forgotten that the medical profession is a very new one.

It is still finding its feet.  What appears to be cutting edge and very safe one decade may be seen to have hidden dangers when time passes . . .

THEN WHAT IS ON SITE NOW TO . .. where the current beginning is . . .

And when it starts This may sound alarmist – I am just suggesting you stop trusting and start acting consciously and with awareness.

Cot death

Why do we need to find cures? Red nose days for cot death (when the reason behind cot death was discovered already – or anything written by Dr Archie Kalokerinos on the subject.

As a mother of a massively brain injured baby who was VASTLY helped through the ministrations of a neurological rehabilitation programme carried out in my own home through my, and the efforts of a team of volunteers – I can say with authority that ANYONE sleeping their baby on their back is denying their child the neurological windows to link and grow important brain synapses.

The only way to recover an ineptly working brain that I found was through crawling – and the tummy sleeping starts this.  Whilst there are those who see the sleep position as being the reason cot death happens – it is like the decorations on the icing of the cake that is – why are there toxins in the mattress and the bedding through modern fire retardants and washing detergents/fabric softeners?

Why is the baby exposed to such potent neurotoxins (found within the vaccination) at such a young age and via the blood stream?  (Why are we even vaccinating, often within the first day of life, and straight into the blood stream REALLY dangerous substances that we would never think to put in their mouths??)

Has The Causes of SIDS (Crib Death) Been Found?

Vitamin C and crib death risk: By Jim Sprott

Surely it makes sense to look at what happens naturally?

There are campaigns – pink ribbons for breast cancer, yellow daffodils for the cancer in general and of course a magic vaccine to stop cervical cancer, HIV and the swine flu.  What about we just aim to live more simply and healthily?

If we ask some fundamental questions though, we may get very different answers.

Why does a person get sick in the first place? 
Is it that there is a nastie lurking – or is it a matter of the ground a seed is planted into?


Autism and ASD.

Truth about autism, allergy and MMR

Cot death –