Male Fertility Factors

  • It is all about HIM.
  • A male factor is involved in up to 50% of clinical infertility cases, making preconception care for both partners absolutely essential for the best chances of achieving a successful, healthy pregnancy.
  • Proper development of the placenta is largely dependent on the expression of genes from the paternal chromosomes, further supporting the role of the male for optimal pregnancy outcomes.
  • Infertility is estimated to affect 15 to 18% of couples in Australia.3 While this is an alarming statistic, it is important to remember that many risk factors for infertility, including obesity, toxicity, stress, and oxidative damage, are modifiable through dietary and lifestyle intervention.
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Much in the past has been written about woman’s health; especially in relation to infertility, as though the prospective father is an optional extra. Whilst it is true that the woman’s body is the incubator, and, if breastfeeding after birth, the source of initial nourishment, the contribution given by the father at the point of conception shapes the future direction of the child’s life immensely.

Until recently, little seems written of how a man can ensure that he allows himself the maximum chance at healthy offspring, and later, a healthy trouble free sex life, into his twilight years. Maybe the younger men are starting to realise that their personal contribution is as important as the prospective mother’s, and to start cleaning up his own act, and to start enhancing his own health to be reflected in his quality sperm.

Possibly in response to the lack of information, few seem to be concerned of the facts – that in the past thirty years the human male fertility rate (as measured by sperm production) has fallen by 50%, and that prostate enlargement, often leading to severe urinary disruptions, and obstructions necessitating surgery, and possible cancer treatment, are an almost guaranteed result of ageing past twenty years.

The question must be asked – why is this occurring?

Heather's ebook: SuperCharge Your Sperm
Heather’s ebook: SuperCharge Your Sperm – 100% money back guaranteed

The quality of offspring often gets lost in the clamour for a positive pregnancy test. In my experience, the woman seeks help in a sub fertile couple, as the sperm test is deemed to be “normal”. The “normal” result was not considered normal for fifty years ago, but the present time. The male fertility rate is declining at a rate that does not bode well for couples in the next thirty years. So how can we help our little boys, so that we may become grandparents? Equally – how can we ensure that the men we love can become Dads, and that our lovers and life partners stay virile, and hence happy in our lives?As humans our food chain is the end result of every contaminant that has been poured onto the Earth in the attempt to make bigger and “better” consumables. These contaminants – please remember here that homoepathics are a powerful therapeutic tool, hence quantity may be minuscule, sit in the fat and reproductive cells, and often act as hormonal signals. To overlook the most basic building blocks of our ingestibles, when considering fertility, is to become as the medical profession seems on the issue – sperm meets egg = baby.

1) – The first obvious answer is to eat as organically as possible. Maybe this could be made easier by having a soil analysis done, to see if at least salad vegies and herbs could be home grown.
In Brisbane’s climate, growing is a cheap and easy option, to partially enhance your diet.

Additives, flavour enhancers and colourings do wonders for the market value of products, but in the race to gain the shopping dollar, the point to eating – self nourishment, health maintenance, and in the case of a couple attempting to conceive, the foundation of another life, seem to be irrelevant. In the diet and environment of the world of our more fertile forebears, these issues did not exist.

2) – Caffeine, especially the cola drinks, particularly in the years of baby making, and children’s’ early development, may be the major component to the rash of hyperactivity. I often wonder if parents stop to think of the contribution just “The Real Thing” is having on the behaviour and future fertility of the human race. I suspect anyone attempting to conceive should simplify their diet, cutting out all non nutritious items, in addition to alcohol, marijuana and other escapist substances. They do not enhance a new-born’s ability to function well. Seeing ourselves as the extensions of our future children, why would we poison them, and their future home? (Our bodies).

Most people seem to be on a treadmill of rush, and/or commitment to a happy life sometime in the nebulous future. The lack of total enjoyment of the present means for most that at some point they feel that their needs are not getting met, and they “crack up”. Usually the spouse or the family of the person who has ‘blown a fuse’ suffer the resultant angst.

The biggest un-ease factor is that of liver energy not properly circulating.

See how to Help Your Liver Qi Flow

3) – The internal heat energy that is generated from the ingestion of alcohol, drugs, caffeine and chemical additives, finds its way from the liver organ to the liver energy lines that wrap around and nourish the genital area. Emotional heat generated when we are suppressing and hiding what it is that we wish, also finds its way into the liver energy lines.

We can end up with some impairment in the sexual area. Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, recurrent herpes, prostatic problems, warts, discharges and infections are all just attempts of our body, and symptomatic of our need to listen to the more natural lives we are designed to live.

In acupuncture terms, the whole issue of sexuality and fertility is bound into the constitutional strength imparted by our kidney complex. See extract from Heather’s book “What Dads Can Do” for an explanation of this.

As a therapist, the issue of “sperm meets egg” is one of enhancing the quality of the kidney energy, to normalise the process of conception. The issue that is usually missed is that of the quality of the garden as home for the fertilised seed, to mature and eventually blossom into a well and happy baby.

4) – By strengthening the Kidney or base energy in both parents prior to conception, the future child is given the best present it can ever receive – a strong constitution. The second most important gift is that of happy parents.

Parents who love each other, and who care enough about their relationship to know that the addition of a small person will alter forever how they perceive themselves, each other and the world, is something that seems to get lost in the rush to reproduce.

5) – A large component of the rate that the Kidney energy is spent for men is the rate at which sperm is ejaculated. This becomes an awkward thing for most to speak of, as we as a culture are particularly unaware of the relationship between real sexual intimacy, and the amazing health benefits that are awaiting all of us, if we see past the physical, and into the energies of sexual union.

A book that says it all is “The Multiorgasmic Man” by Mantek Chia.

A companion volume for women is also by Mantek and his wife, Maneewan Chia : “Cultivating Female Sexual Energy”.

By following the breathing, visualisation and practical exercises in these books, by regaining the sense of connection that a couple hope or aim for in coming together, and bringing forth small editions of themselves, we all can benefit in our lives.

It is very possible to alter a less than perfect sperm test. Acupuncture treatment in addition to the steps below may surprise even the most skeptical of people.

Is your ejaculate thick, abundant and white?

Heather's ebook: SuperCharge Your Sperm
Heather’s ebook: SuperCharge Your Sperm – 100% money back guaranteed

An initial detoxification, using herbs, to cleanse the debris of modern living will also ensure an easy rise in sperm production, motility and quality. It is also important to avoid all contact with chemicals, drugs and alcohol to excess whilst attempting to rebuild fertility, or whenever conception may be possible. Marijuana is toxic, and dangerously capable of lowering the chances of fathering perfect children.Adequate fresh water, exercise, relaxation and time for self are necessary for the digestive system to assimilate well. The practice of the exercises and visualisations in the book mentioned above will assist the Kidney energy to rebuild.

If you are really concerned about the legacy that you carry, and wish to use a safe and very effective natural ‘moping up’ agent to assist you become much less toxic, please contact me.

Most stress, and body changes occur because we do not stop and listen to what we really want, who we really are, and the fact that the answers to both of these questions change at all times in our lives.

If we allow ourselves the rest, exercise, fresh air, fun and quality interactions with the special people that we have amassed around us, rather than attempt to see the race for material acquisition, including the perfect nest of two children, two years apart, as the point to existence, then the issues of fertility, and joyful sexuality are liable to take care of themselves.

Developmental exposure to low dose PBDE 99: 1- effects on male fertility and neurobehavior

Kuriyama et al. report that rats exposed in the womb to a single low dose of a widespread brominated flame retardant become hyperactive and have decreased sperm counts. The effects are observed at an exposure level within the range that has been found in samples of breast milk from US mothers.
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