Avoiding Induction

As easy as changing your focus.

Why would you hurry nature? So far she has worked perfectly. Perhaps take  more Magnesium,  rest more and focus on what sort of mother you want to be.

You will not be able to control anything about your baby after birth – as s/he is their own person. Why not get used to being the mother – that means someone who provides. The safest entry for your baby is one orchestrated by nature, not people and their well meaning agenda.

When getting ready to birth, opening the pelvis is the best childbirth preparation.  How? Moxa (A Chinese herbal technique – it is not just heat) and massage will make all the difference.

‘Induction’ may be as simple as getting baby in the right spot – after doing opening exercises for the pelvis.

1) – Easy – get a copy of the easy birthing preparation eBooks here – instantly downloadable.

2) – Find yourself a moxa stick – from any Chinese acupuncturist or supply shop – and have fun at home.

Or – 3) – buy the entire package here – see below.

Is it safe?
Yes- just follow instructions – all in pictures and photos and easy to replicate.

Get a feel for this by looking at the box on the top right and enter your details to get the free copy of the moxa in pregnancy one.

Perhaps also go to the shop on this site and sign up for the actual hard copy of the manual  ‘What Dads Can Do’ – complete  with moxa stocks and a Massage DVD – or the deluxe version – with the Birthing DVD also  . .

Is it effective?

Yes – I have been perfecting this in my clinic now for over 30 years.

All back aches, sleeping problems, feeling stressed and uncomfortable – all easy to relieve – just with the moxa stick used as directed, and the massage, again, as directed.  Mum will feel so much better instantly. No need to keep visiting health care professionals – in the peace of your own home – discover how easy pelvic birthing education can be.

Sound too simple?
It is.   Be more relaxed.  Have an easier structure using moxa (and not eating or drinking anything chilled or even not body temperature) – allows the energy of holding things (and babies, and tissues, and blood, and urine, and organs and baby) in place to be strengthened  – and she will sleep much better.

What to do?
Just download the easy birth preparation package and get to playing with each other – nothing difficult – just specific massage and moxa techniques – which will allow easy pelvic opening, opening also to better sexual expression and greater comfort in your body.