Induction – How it might affect you

Having a set time limit (only since scanning happened along less than 30 years ago) after which the uterus is apparently then an unsafe place belies nature – women grow babies perfectly.

What happens when we interfere with normal?

We don’t get normal mother and baby interactions .. .

(Is this safe?)

Have you asked what the actual statistics are for placental breakdown?
Do you fit into the subset of women who would be likely to have this?

How likely is it that this will happen for you?


how likely is an emergency C section if they induce you whilst baby is lying OP or has not ‘dropped’, or as your first baby and you are only a week ‘over’ – or if your maternal line goes late anyway?

Has this all been determined by the rigid 40 week date or is someone looking at you and your precious baby as an individual case?

  • Have there been tests to determine if your hormones are altered?
  • Is the stress of continual worrying about baby delaying your birth?
  • Is all that maternal distress/worrying safe?

As a mammal – when under stress and when stressed – labour is not likely to happen – as it is too potentially dangerous to let baby come out.

Whilst mum is vulnerable (birthing), anything that feels as though it as a survival threat i.e. freaks her out, will delay labor.

The cervix can actually tighten up again.

It is not good news if in labour someone tells you the place is on fire – biology takes over and you are out of labour to get away. A similar biological mechanism happens when you are being told you are not progressing to time.

So why all the horror stories?

Does this engender calm and peaceful leading onto easy birthing?

Why the daily monitoring?

Is fetal scanning safe?

See what researchers have found about fetal scanning

Please see Ultrasound is Big Business

Just look at the heat caused through the over use of fetal scanning. Apparently under one degree Celsius.
[ what does this mean to your readers?]

  • How safe is this – is Nature expecting this to happen?
  • Is this really what a forming human is designed to cope with?

Baby is altered through this process and very often has gotten a large dose of Hot Blood (see earlier) hence can’t be happy and content, peaceful and sleep well – as it is internally imbalance and has far too much internal heat creating discomfort.

What to do?

Perhaps believe in your body’s ability to do whatever is necessary to grow a perfect baby. Give it the space to do so.

Going back and forth to the hospital – who said that was ‘safe’?

Why all the car journeys instead of resting and nesting at home?

Sitting in a car seat is the wrong posture to be in if you want to ensure your baby is properly positioned for birth.

If your baby is in the OP position with baby’s back facing mum’s back this is likely to stall labour and stop it progressing.

This is likely to result in a C section with the often unstated attendant risks which are far more likely than leaving mum in more suitable surroundings and allowing the birth to happen naturally.

Why not just go back 30 years and leave well alone?


See Fetal Positioning Solutions which also comes with the Easy Birthing package)

If at all worried about the pregnancy – go to a good health care practitioner and get healthy advice in living and eating and being well – don’t spend the time paying for more scans that only damage baby further.

In times past 37 – 43 weeks was seen as about when baby would arrive. As a Bell curve – the 40 week mark was an average – after first baby – who always came later than the rest. At least by 10 – 12 days.

IF they have a good supply of correct food and support.

A terrible recent event that is happening a lot to women coming on to see me about induction/changing baby’s position from breech or OP. Why have they left things to the last minute?

Being told ‘baby may die if let there’ – is a now common bullying excuse to totally spin mum and dad out, and to ensure hospital policies of induction (unproven to be safe) are kept.

Please look to anything Henci Goer has written – very well researched – as is all from Dr Sarah J Buckley and Dr Michel Odent. There is plenty to show you that it is not actually SAFE to be thinking of induction – the ‘what ifs’ are all fear not truth based.

What evidence in your personal case?

If there are health concerns – go to an acupuncturist and get the energy disturbances reversed so normal happens. Modern medicine can only monitor. It does not even suggest foods to correct imbalances – as food is not seen as being important or even pivotal to health. At any stage of life.

Why I have written this – as a continuity of care provider – I see you and your family although your lives – I get to see the end and often life long results of the panicked apparently medical dictates. The ones that would have been considered criminal 30 years ago – who would have thought ‘doing no harm’ would be so twisted into fear moungering at the time when women need calm and peaceful and to just be left to grow a contented baby in a happy life?

What about the baby?

Baby Shock Turns Into Hot Blooded Baby

Baby can’t/won’t stop screaming /is unsettled and is generally not the baby you thought you would have. Baby may also be rashy/smelly and instantly unwell – including seizures/absences and tantrums.

(You have a Stroppy, Temperamental, Fractious, Difficult, Busy, Willful, Hormonal And Unhappy Baby)

So you may have had the ‘safe’ birth everyone directed you to.

So what am I talking of – baby shock?

OK – it didn’t go as you had hoped – but you are both alive (and so you should be as Nature intended this).

Often, we start off with a life with our baby not quite what we envisioned. Sometimes the newness of the event and our reliving the transition (birthing) into motherhood can overshadow the very real distress that baby is also trying to process. As baby is seen as an incidental in birthing – and is rarely factored into birthing perceptions or the actual birthing story – who can retell it is it was for bub?

What about all that pre birth monitoring and worrying mum into believing nature and her body were untrustworthy? That her body having started a baby is not able to present that baby safely as a job well done? Is natural birthing that difficult and dangerous?

Whilst many may be thinking of mum and her apparent birthing comfort –

  • are C sections easy on baby?
  • Or mum?
  • What about all the hormones missed out upon?
  • We may think that being squeezed and massaged whilst being contained and held very tightly is a traumatic event.
  • Can we remember this or of being pushed through a very narrow space may not be so bad – especially with all the birthing hormones coursing through the baby’s blood.
  • Birthing would get baby’s attention – and being alert when meeting mum is the most important thing that can happen to baby for months to come.

What happens to baby when there is a C section – as a social choice?

I am well aware that medically there is sometimes the need to have C sections. I had to have one myself, as a clot which would rupture if I went into labour meant the end to my intended natural home water birth. I speak of having seen the effect on the baby born. He didn’t have a clue about breastfeeding – unlike his vaginally born siblings. I was grateful to have him out safely – but how to mother him?

C sections do save lives. But due to social and insurance pressures, they are often the only choice – instead of good obstetric care. Nothing takes the place of sensible preconception health and great antenatal midwifery care. As birth has become increasingly seen as being potentially dangerous, and the helpers far less likely to be trained to assist, or to even work with women in birthing, they are becoming far more common.

When opting to have baby cut out, we do seem to forget that baby was in deep innocent slumber before being wretched out. Although feeling tighter by the day, baby’s known world is gone in an instant with no warning or transition. Being forcibly launched into the harshness of being an instantly independent unit. No doubt shocking.

If we step into the space of a baby who is naturally in the labour process and about to be vaginally and naturally born, we would be very aware something was up – we are awake, alert to change, and pumped full of the intentional hormones from the interaction of mum and self being in concert directed by Mother Nature.

The shifts in being would be prepared for and muffled as a protection for all.

Leaving Nature to acquaint mum and bub in the ways that have resulted in our species still existing over time is a winning combination – her and us in peace.

This may be primal and scarey to a modern miss – but essential for safety for baby as a newborn having a mum who just wants to protect and shield baby from the outside world.

What of baby if this is interfered with?

We hear enough of the mother and dad and their trauma as things don’t go as the Birth Plan – what of baby? Who is telling her/his story? She/he can’t verbalize – but may be a ball of horror – of resentment/anger/fearful denial of being here and in shock and shutdown psychically.

This will be translated physically into colic, screaming, night terror, major digestive disturbances leading quickly into skin and respiratory issues. Then a bunch of health care professionals may be consulted. What about undoing the original problem – the shock of birth? I have a remedy in the clinic that has been designed to undo this trauma – it is homeopathic and works – a few drops on the babies skin, or mixed with breast milk, or mum takes it too – and older children and adults all carry the signature of their distress – and all can have this antedoted.

Please email me and I will send a rescue package to you.

Even the most ‘perfect’ (maternal version) birth may have held issues for bub. These can not be talked through

  • What if baby is going through post traumatic shock equivalent?
  • What if every time walking happens, or a change in brain waves during sleep, a memory, dreams – nightmares – erupt as she/he relives the moment of . . . . whatever happened as baby was moved through one state to another?
  • Who is there to reframe it and make the ‘baddies’ go away?
  • Who even thinks that there is a residue that is still running the being?

If you have not had a baby have night terrors, if you have not had a baby who seems completely stuck somewhere else and unreachable, this may sound over the top.

Having myself had a baby (admittedly totally autistic) who was caught in a horror of not-this-time-and-not-this-life, I am well aware of the depths of maternal despair – as nothing we do seems to make any difference.

This can lead outsiders to think either we are making it all up, or that there is something awry with our parenting/seriously wrong with baby (as there is).

What if it is not medically quantifiable – if it is totally subjective for baby only?

What would it look like?

  • A blue mark between the eyes is a good giveaway.
  • A red line up from the bridge of the nose and unto the forehead is another.
  • A baby who is apparently ruling the roost and who is difficult, unsettled and ‘nervy’ is another.

We could pause here and ask how did autism and Asperger’s get so prevalent?

Why would we not see the warning signs?

Perhaps rather than consider that it is normal for this behaviour – that this is what babies do – they all cry – actually investigate?

No point medically as there is no disease process to measure – no viruses or bacteria to kill – it is well before this. Instead – a turn down the slippery slope of parental trauma and baby horror.

What to do?

Start crossing off an imaginary list – what happened before this was normal?

  • Babies are supposed to come out and sleep and grow – much like baby animals of all species.
  • They sleep to grow.
  • They eat to grow.
  • They are protected whilst this happens.
  • Have you protected your baby – or have you been seduced through fear to mess with Nature?

Sometimes there are no consequences – and often there are massive ones.

How to birth well?

Follow nature again – do not work leading up to it – be calm and have plenty of exercise, sleep, rest, water and great nutrient dense foods. All mothers can breastfeed – otherwise we as mammals would not be able to live.

What stops breastfeeding is the subject of other articles – and presently can be found in anything Dr Michel Odent or Dr Sarah J Buckley have written – it is the natural extension of a natural birth.

If there was no natural birth then it was not a safe birth. (LINK to easy birthing eBook package)

1) – Support mum

Safe means mother- baby bond intact.

Whilst not quantifiable – it can be measured in maternal distress. What happens next. After birth? How much maternal depression, psychosis – and baby not latching, not thriving – so why is there nothing done to prevent this – as it is not natural and is life threatening?

No disease and no focus on avoiding it.
This is very obvious to all who live through it though.

This is very obvious to those who choose to support mum differently. Again this is not the focus of this but is part of a well mother’s manifesto – she needs to be looked after by her tribe and the wider community – not told to ‘get over it’.

So much attention in pregnancy – with all those visits to check up on her – as though being in utero was a dangerous place. So much money is to be made monitoring and worrying her prior to baby, after birth all go off and leave her to pick the pieces up.
Dad goes back to work, all visitors depart and she is supposed to just know what to do . . .

2) – Possibly baby is picking up on all mum’s distress.

Calm mum. What has been done to allow mum to process all the changes that she has had in the past while? Support, sleep and loving for her often gets lost as the baby is centre attention.

3) – Refuse vaccination at this tender age – when immune systems which have to be enhanced, are not working at all. Another reason to breastfeed – as mum’s system is supposed to be doing this for baby initially. This is after the first immune enhancement – that of birth through the vaginal canal.

If you chose to have baby vaccinated against the Hepatitis B – which baby was not ever going to catch from you or life at the tender age of one day old – it is perhaps time to start thinking of taking the toxic residue out of baby’s system.

Why are babies vaccinated now at this age?

Very difficult to be sued as a vaccine manufacturer if baby was not ever seen minus al the ingredients found in the injection. No base line of good health before vaccination. Baby was always like this.

(When vaccinations were started at three or four months – parents had had a relationship and knew what was normal for their child. Then when there was a vaccine reaction – their concerns were invalidated by the argument that baby was developmentally too young and ‘it would have happened anyway’).

4) – Check baby has an aligned spine.

Any chiropractor or osteopath will help here. The very gentle manipulations to correct whatever has happened. Baby then has a structure not giving false signals to the organs and tissues – so baby’s function is then as designed. Many babies with colic, screaming and major distress just need a simple touch by someone who knows. Baby screaming is always for a reason. It is always to get your attention. Something is wrong and how else can they tell you?

How to get rid of the poisons

A very safe and effective way is through having mum (hopefully breastfeeding) to take orally the activated liquid zeolites.

This way any more poisons being loosened out of her system and through the fat cells escaping in her milk to be lead harmlessly out of her body via the gut’s release pathways.
Giving baby a few drops mixed in breast milk directly is also necessary.

Breast milk is full of heavy metals and trace poisons, as the maternal fat cells were not designed for the twenty first century’s toxic soup. If this looks alarming – please do an internet search on toxic breast milk – and sperm – it is full of fire retardant – as an example.

5) – Clean up the food supply

The only safe and effective way Nature has for baby to be grown perfectly is with good mother’s milk. Just as the body supported baby in side her – mum’s body does a perfect job after birth. If the birth was left alone to do what it as designed to – with all the natural hormonal ingredient to bond baby ad mum together so the transition into mum’s arms was joyful and intensely rewarding.

When this bit is missed/skipped over/interfered with – often baby and sometimes mum – have no idea how to work through the fracture.

Saying that there was no breast milk or that her body couldn’t do it is to allow modern medicine to ignore natural. Not following nature has consequences. Anything coming between mother and baby is to be strenuously avoided. This means ignoring all interference before and during birth.

What to do to clean it up?

Safest is to not have the traces of modern life within our bodies – as this is not possible – the next step is to safely remove them.

6) – Clean up the environment.

This may seem a bit ‘way out’, but babies and animals are highly tuned.
Check the energy of the house and the people that surrounded this baby – a very open, very sensitive being.

Like a canary in a coal mine a very long time ago checking for presence of danger, baby can sense what we have shut off and are too ‘civil’, ‘polite’ and unaware to register.
Ignoring it and thinking that the kid IS a problem is to miss that the kid HAS a problem.

If baby is a difficult proposition, there is every likelihood that baby’s life is a difficult one for them and adjustment in ways that may seem unorthodox, may massively ease the burden that all may feel under.

We see the children who have retained their trauma everywhere – willful screamers get attention.

They will grow up to be sullen teenagers who don’t make as much obvious fuss. Except through the manipulating behaviours that they have learned work (get attention) so very well.

So how do we insure for co operation and sanity in our parenting through time?

Past milky breasts and cuddly blankets?

An understanding of what happens when crazy patterns of energy distortion interfere with normal functioning would help. Shock stays in the energy fields, disrupting what would otherwise be an orderly process of growing and maturing into childhood.

The inner perceptions of life get jangled. The messages in are too everything – loud, busy, fragmented – and the baby does the only thing it can – react with panic affecting the gut leading onto major life chaos fro all around.

What started this off?

Why is it that some babies just eat, burp, pooh and sleep when others are so diabolical?

Would it possibly be as simple as undoing the broken bit?

Well, acknowledging this first would help.
Enough parents have voted with their feet and:

  • seen gentle structural specialists;
  • used surrogates with energy workers;
  • vibrational essences and clearances of energy; and
  • have worked generally outside the obvious physical to affect a difference.

Clearing the baby trauma allows normal blueprint to reassert itself.

If you do not, a different baby other than the potential you had will emerge.

What is the problem with this?

I suggest you visit and see the extreme alterations birthing practices have on a culture, and on individuals.

The ‘safe’ births that we seem to have to have are recreating a society of disconnection, starting with the maternal/family splits that a very distressed baby can manifest.

What does it look like whilst growing up?

Look around at friends and relations and see the very unhappy offspring – the epidemic of teenagers on antidepressants, eventually youths killing themselves in various ways – often slowly through drug escapades -– the ‘cold pricklies’ that inhabit most households.

What did we do?

  • Put mum and what she thought that she wanted first.
  • Followed convention (making money easily through niche markets).
  • Stopped listening to nature and body wisdom.
  • Started to override millennia of natural perfection and selection.
  • Put men, machines and medicine in charge of women’s business.
  • Separated sensual and sexual into ’bad’ and witchy.

What to do to rescue babies and mothers from all of this – and have very bonded happy families?

Look to nature.

  • Get your own copy of ‘What Dads Can Do’ and become a more intimate and loving couple using massage and moxa well before you get to meet baby.
  • Grow your nest well and the baby will be happy and you will be empowered to know what to do when the time comes to protect your family unit.
  • Become more informed!!!
  • Knowledge will put paid to fear.
  • Birthing with, and in love.

Find all you need to transform your life in What Dads Can Do