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It takes two to make a baby and grow a family

Farmers know that you need the best stud possible. .  .
So much focus and effort is placed upon her age and gynecological problems, rather than in the reasons for the recent drop in sperm quality – it is now appallingly set at 4% looking normal – and that was in 2010 that the W.H.O. suggested such a hopeful number was all that was needed.

Quality of baby made?
Even viability of the pregnancy?
It is up to you . .What is now deemed to be ‘fertile’ sperm is not getting her pregnant in the bedroom – and blaming her and spending a fortune on playing that retail game is not the way to happy families (you need money to grow them)..

The least possible male fertile level was dropped in the early 1980’s from 80% looking normal, to 30% in the late ‘90’s to 15% in the early 2000’s to anything over 3% (97% with significant visual abnormalities, let alone the DNA secrets) in 2011. His sperm may be in no shape to make the next generation.

Men are half the baby – and most of the reason the miscarriages happen.
Stop ‘trying’ and start making better babies naturally – at home – with great beginnings . . .

You can make much better sperm!!


Please make changes – they are so simple

How I can tell how fertile HE is . .

And you can too!
Check his metabolism – cheap and simple!

Need to know more?

Men are the key – and easy to fix this:
How to cool the testicles off so sperm can live and not be wrecked?


Do not see the average ‘fertility’ any professional as we have to start at the beginning – WHAT HAPPENED ?
Everyone I have had in my clinic who was told that has gotten naturally pregnant when we straightened out the real disaster –  the sperm – and 97% looking terrible is NOT the way to make babies. (W.H.O. ‘pass mark is now 97% looking no good). This is  not where you would wish to be started as  anew being. Bulls have to be at least 91% looking normal sperm to even be considered as being used for stud.Farmers do not even go there with 10% not OK . .
For decades now I have been seeing couples (will not see her by herself) who have only been seeing the ones who are ‘helping’ her not have miscarriages – or to get pregnant at all . ..

The answer is – HIM – fix the REAL infertile one.
When was the last time any man wandered in to my clinic with even 50% normal looking sperm?
Not for the last 14 years – and he was seen as ‘superstud’ then.

At 50 % looking normal – never see these.  . .- and 100 million/ml. As she was in such a health mess – I suggested that he boost up her chances by being Mr 100% – we nearly got here – Mr 95% looking good  – 5% morphology. In 2 1/2 months!


My sperm recipe – and no sessions with me – basically – go back to living as the previously fertile men were – simply – no gadgets at all and nothing to drink but water – plain living.

Someone needs to start asking some serious questions . .

W.H.O. parameters of fertile sperm

(All they had to be)

Year (This is just being visually normal
– one head, one tail – no mention of actual chromosomal integrity).
1980 80.5%     That is 19.5 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .
1987 50%        That is 50 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .
1992 30%        That is 70 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .
1999 15%         That is 85 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .
2010 4%           That is 96 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .
2017 3%           That is 97 %  NO GOOD is acceptable.  .

Is this medical cynicism at its best?
No farmer would be this stupid – their bulls have to be at MOST 10% no good or no playing with the heifers.

And they say SHE is too old?
She needs donor eggs?
For this to also NOT make a baby?

How many women in the same time period have become  MORE fertile to cover his precipitous plummet?

Can you get a driver’s license with such a ‘pass mark’ (4% right in the tests??? ?

Using male BBT as an indication of your fertility success

We may be missing half the problem in quality baby making, by ignoring a seemingly silent half of the baby’s inheritance – the male contribution. Please do not listen to ‘his test is “OK’ – as it is not – as you are reading this here – 3 or 4 % LOOKING normal is not how to make a healthy baby in a healthy pregnancy.

Home based way you can make better sperm, better babies – and simply, easily – and safely for the best baby you can make – go back to Nature . .
Perhaps contact me to get started.  . I only see couples . . . and as intensive programmes
I wonder if you have counted this up . . .how much have you wasted – time and BLOOD and money – so far???

I work not only as an acupuncturist:

I am a transformative energy /body/soul mechanic . .

LIFE based . .

It is HIM and HIS HOT BALLS that is likely the issue.
Then there is no small matter – as I am the most highly and differently qualified Mercier and Maya worker in the southern hemisphere . .

MEN AGAIN – they are the key to the future – and we need to be multi modality workers.


Basal Body Temperature charting was used in the world of female fertility, for western medical specialists to propose when ovulation may be occurring, before the heavy reliance on scans and blood tests.

Today, acupuncturists commonly use BBT as a measure of metabolism management and tracking the menstrual cycle, identifying irregularities that may be contributing to her infertility.  Maybe fill this out with YOUR sperm results – see what REALLY is the baby hold up.

No herbs or supplements can take the place of FIXING THE PROBLEM.

Having hot balls is the start .. .
Also – toxins in – at least throw out all that is not pure (non chilled) water – and at least 3 litres a day – more if in the sun and working outside .

A splash of real lemon in it . .
NOT ‘soft’ drinks – all full of non nutritive substances and mineral are needed – as is great nutrition.

As someone who has been working with MALE infertility for the past 35 years – I know that what I say here is not what anyone else is.
Raking $$ in and keeping common sense out of the picture – is not really what you need right now.

We can predict the state of the HIS Jing, hence fertility, by the simple BBT test.

It is just not a retail medical option – but an improve your life one . .

What next?

Stop the miscarriages.

So many people have NO IDEA that sperm quality is the number one reason why a live full term baby is not what you get with your baby making efforts . And it is so easy to change . .

The wrong person is coming in for treatment usually.
Improving egg quality is also so easy .


It all starts with us – and our own self care 

Our FOOD FACTORY makes better babies when we look after it differently!!


Do you want to help others as this is your passion at work?


  Declutter, reset, restore


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