Beware: Most Feminine Hygiene Products have Toxic Ingredients

Your Feminine hygiene products may be poisoning you Conventional tampons and sanitary pads are bleached using chlorine dioxide which is technically “chlorine-free,” but the process produces dioxins as a byproduct released into the environment. According to the US  EPA, dioxin exposure causes cancer in lab animals and also poses a high risk to humans. Conventional tampons …

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Honouring Our Bleeding

Menstruation is a natural consequence of having a relative excess of blood. We start puberty when the body deems its growing needs to be met; the timing a combination of the constitutional factors, and the state of nutritional and emotional stability. This is altered if we buy into thinness rather than wellness concepts, and sometimes …

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Safer Intimate Care Products

Are you looking for a safer, healthier way to manage your periods? Find out about these safe, clean products which enhance your health through the use of an embedded negative ion strip. Read more about safe intimate care products here.