Periods/fertility, pregnancy and loving – the missing link

It is often that we can be so caught up in therapeutic possibilities that we can miss the obvious.  With our medico and pseudo Chinese hats on, academic lenses inserted and evidence based boxed in-thoughts, we can be blind to simple causation and hence rectification.

In all aspects of health and women’s lives, sometimes the Stuck Liver Qi that festers and eventually ends up in named medical conditions may be as simple to resolve as having a few orgasms. With or without Mr Right.

She may well be having sex – BUT does she want it, is she actually feeling it, and releasing during?  If not – why not?  What is this doing to the state of her Liver Qi, the meridians that course through the areas, and what is “excess” sex anyway?

To investigate what we have been too polite to ask about may give the answers to her particular puzzle. It may well be why breast lumps and cancers are still remaking themselves, why periods are still problematic and why babies are just not happening and why she is still gets all the symptoms that those herbs she took really SHOULD have cleared up . . . . . .

We will wander through the pelvic structure and the meridians that flow through the erogenous zones – what can block flow through them –  on all levels – what may be underneath and what we can do about it.