Healing After C section, or any birth

Want to have the body you had before baby?

Easy – start working to make it so as soon as you come home.  Dad can easily spend a few minutes outside using moxa to help you feel better – and coincidentally – if there is a milk supply deficit – the instructions to fix this are in the eBook free to download immediately in the top right hand corner of this page.  The entire eBook package  it will also help you understand why icing (using ice as a treatment) anything is  a very bad idea.

If mastitis or over-bleeding or prolapses or poor energy/gut function or infections are bugging you, please download the package Livewell as this will allow you to repair yourself – heaps of reading (whilst feeding baby you can be educating yourself as to what to do about the various issues that may have appeared).

Depressed? Getting Out of Your Own Way is found in this package – as are the two MP3 guided meditation tracks.  There is again – massage and moxa instructions for dad to do to reunite you both.

Back to your body – tension, upsets and general discomforts – all eased safely . . . simple natural and easy practical solutions all found in the What Dads Can Do manual – complete with two DVDs – Massage  and BIrthing – and two moxa sticks.  A complete birthing and new parenting package – all I wished I had known when I embarked on my mothering. A new mum found me 14 months after having her first baby – and still was unable to have sex as there was a tear not healed.

What to do?
I suggested she buy the manual – What Dads Can Do and follow the birth preparation instructions.  All this work normalises energy and blood flow – and this is exactly what the moxa use and the massage did – within a month she was all healed up.

Simple – just get more blood flow to the area – and the herbal warmth soothes and relaxes like no other.  Too sore for sexual intimacy and union? What amounts to foreplay – warming and nourishing the pelvic area – dad can easily start becoming more hands on . .  instructions in the book and also – just download the free moxa in pregnancy eBook inn the top right hand corner of this page – to see what you can do to help yourself.