Breech presentation to natural vaginal easy birth

Breech – How to move baby so easy birthing is possible in today’s birthing climate?

Breech babies present with their bottoms down and their heads up.

 There must be a reason? Maybe baby is comfortable like this? Maybe we can make the inside of mum more comfy to lie the way that the midwives/doctors are saying baby needs to be.
So, if you have been told that your baby has settled into a non-optimum birthing position, this informative and safe to use eBook will contain important information to help you decide the best course of action.

 You can change baby’s position yourself at home!!

Instead of worrying about the possibility of a C section – why not take matters into your own hands, and change the course of birthing? After 33 years of working with women and in maternity I have discovered an easier way – use a moxa stick on her sacrum – if pregnant woman and her discomforts all melt away!

You may need to use the stick on the little toe – but most of my patients find that unnecessary – just get dad to help nightly with a few minutes of moxa on her sacrum, a bit of massage and a much easier sleep- leading to baby naturally turning.

If not – then the Bl 67 point can be used.
BUT you could ask yourself – what sets this process up?

It could be lack of attention to the process of about to being a mother.  Could be insecure in birthing option and this being seen as an ‘easy’  way out – C section apparently needed.
is using moxa myself ‘safe’?

Yes – and easy – and almost always allows mum to be more comfortable in late pregnancy – instantly.

In addition – you may have been going back and forth to structural people – chiros, osteos, physios and the like feeling better temporarily – but the ligaments are supposed to be stretching and looser – leading to a need to strengthen the core and the Kidney Qi – to allow the ease of birthing that is so much needed now.

Nutritional helpers – Baby is made from mum eating lots of protein and fat and veggies, drinking heaps of pure water,  and being as pure as she wants baby to be. Often I find that people come to me sometimes almost proud of their ‘bad’ diet. What is baby being made of? To be uncomfortable in her body, she must be also lacking in Magnesium and Calcium. This is easily taken not as tablets, but as a powdered drink.  It  means that Cerebral Palsy is far less likely to happen, as is pre eclampsia. It can be as simple as banning all caffeinated ‘soft’ drinks and taking a health food shop muscular preparation a few times daily – in addition to a good mutivitamin or preferably a Vit B complex a few times daily.

Especially useful if baby has settled into a position that is causing sciatica, pains down the legs, weak back for mum, pubic symphysis pain or baby needs to be turned to allow the natural birth to happen. To help mum stop worrying./sleep better – what could be easier than using a moxa stick (outside as it smells) for 2 -3 minutes?
Come back inside and do some massage – and there she will be peacefully sleeping.

Baby, if breech, (or in any other strange position) is more likely to turn when mum is relaxed.

If a CEV is attempted – baby is far more likely to stay where placed if the reasons baby was in ‘the wrong’ position are corrected.

The information here is different from what you may have seen before, in that I am coming from a more inclusive approach than you will often get from the conventional medical profession.

Whilst the book is  called “Breech Solutions”, but it also encompasses any ‘non optimal’ position –
•    transverse,
•    Occipital Posterior OP (babies back of head facing your back) or any other position
The easy birthing package takes note of the fact that easy birthing preparation has to happen – and Fetal Positioning, Moxa in Pregnancy, Cold – and how to avoid all post natal incidents is part of the package.

Heather’s eBook “Breech Solutions” part of this package