Transforming Life Experience into Wisdom (Unfolding Jing)

Transforming Life Experience into Wisdom
(Unfolding Jing)

unfolding-jing-posterTransforming Jing into Wisdom

what we are graced with to have a body to live with into wisdom –

How our biological blueprint unfolds.

What happens as the 7 year cycles (for women) and 8 year cycles for men – transform through maturation and hormonal shifts.

How we can improve what we started with, or conversely wreck it through our life habits and choices.

Want to understand how what is happening to you now was set up?
Trying to make a better baby?

Transforming Jing into Wisdom shows the old age wisdoms of all cultures explained through the eyes of Asian medicine . . shows how you can change what is ahead, at any stage of your life’s journey, through conscious effort, and why you should.

As a package with the Inner Alchemy transforming food ingredients into yourself – how the digestive system supports life – are invaluable for all to have as easy reference to all that is written in Heather’s self help books, and as a beautiful posters.

Transforming Jing into WIsdom –  explaining the processes of life

Transforming Life Experience into Wisdom (Unfolding Jing)

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