Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

Your Food Factory explained

How to work with not against your body

Inner-AlchemyHow can you improve your digestion?

What happens when you eat anything?

You will be surprised – only one line on this chart contains what you choose to put in your mouth. The rest explains the workings of a resilient gut through the eyes of Chinese medicine – a system that has stayed constant through centuries, stretching into millennia.

Explained simply on a beautiful wall poster.

The ‘Chinese clock’ – the different times of day when the body energy is optimally placed to work.

The functions of Yin (regenerative) and Yang (metabolic) Qi – and how you can improve your life or wreck it – and what happens as you do.

How you can improve and enhance any situation – through consclously altering your fuel and how you use it.

Poster size: 60 x 42 cm

Inner Alchemy

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