The role of caffeine in baby making

Sex used to be a dangerous venture as babies followed.

There seems to be an epidemic of people trying any way to get pregnant rather than just going back to living simply – as this did it for their grandparents and beyond them back into the past.

What may be forgotten is that past abuses of all chemical stimulants and coffee and alcohol leaves the sperm cells distressed and making weird combinations  of DNA . This is while the medical profession ignores his contribution, says ‘her eggs are too old’, or some medical gyne condition she has is not allowing her to get pregnant – whilst his sperm is often woeful.

Also when miscarriages happen we are told – ‘it is a random thing’.

Seeing the normal sperm analysis (visual inspection only) at 4% means that it is sometimes enough (for ICSI as part of IVF) but not necessarily for real life sex.

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