How Much will natural treatment for fertility Cost?

I am often asked about the cost of natural therapies helping fertility.

  • How much is it costing to wait each month in hope?
  • How long has it been now?
  • What has been outlaid so far, and STILL no baby?

If you have had a miscarriage, or some other form of false start –

  • what has it cost to not be in a stunning state of health before getting pregnant?

Yes, young people not trying; they are getting pregnant without having to do all of what is described below . . . that is the point – they are fertile as nature intends us to be in late adolescence /early adulthood.

Look to him and his lifestyle and dietary choices –   that is the cheapest option

GREAT SPERM is needed!!

I have a folder full of past women’s partners’ semen tests. There are two that are fertile. Those two men were asked to do a test to see if she could get away with not using the pill as she was not well on it – and if he was as reproductively challenged as the average man whose woman is not pregnant, then they could worry about that when they wanted babies. That is two samples that are fertile – as both men were.

They were not trying to conceive – and had they – she would not have needed to come to see me. This was a large wakeup call for me. Where were all the fertile men with partners who were reproductively challenged?
Where indeed! Fathers – why else would I only have two results out of the entire batch of over 60?

Why indeed? The rest are the results for men whose women who are told by the fertility clinics that they themselves were the problem as they were –

Too old – time running out as too many birthdays (women get pregnant into their later 40’s when they have a fertile partner)

Too fat – the too thin women are far more likely to find it difficult to conceive.

In need of donor eggs – I have seen several women whose IVF doctors told them this – why is no one looking at their WELLNESS rather than their fertility? That gets results – Nature then helps you. (one who got pregnant once I had undone all that had happened in the previous five years of IVF on her – and instead worked on his lack of fertility. They conceived naturally once I had changed their diet, his habits and quality of sperm. This is even though she had lost a tube due to the IVF processes and needed $5,000 worth of damage repair from a different gynecologist before she was in as state to conceive – which she did a year after ceasing the IVF repair work I had done for the couple.

Have endometriosis so therefore need to be on IVF (why is no one just undoing why the endometriosis is there? It is a fairly standard natural process – perfectly easy when lifestyle and diet changes, with herbs and acupuncture are all brought in to help.

Have ‘unexplained’ infertility – usually a simple case of become more healthy and it happens naturally – or she has a retroverted uterus, ad the sperm need some help (change position to deep rear entry) to get inside the uterus)

Have PCOS – the reasons behind this need undoing and then fertility is assured.  This as with endometriosis is not what mainstream medicine is able to help with – as they are not about returning normal or health enhancement.

Or have any other gynecological condition (why not fix it first and then pregnancy would be assured?

IF he was fertile . . they would have been mums.

My folders prove this – hopeless sperm and it blamed in her (see above reasons).

YET – where are the great sperm results of the men who partner the women who do have these problems?                                                                        It takes two .. . so start with what you have to do anyway – eat to live . .


Free Therapies

  1. Turn off the TV FOR GOOD – consign it to the spare room, and place all manner of barricades in front of it.
  2. Rediscover each other.
Go dating again.
Take walks after dinner EVERY night.
Go to bed early and play.
  3. THUS – start the day earlier with more play time.
Go for a brisk (before breakfast) walk.
  4. Budget for weekends away from the house, the phones, entertainment and TVs; just the two of you, and rediscover why you want to be together/making a family.
If this sounds all too confronting, it is far easier to discover that you do not actually like this person you are tied to, and quit before there are children to deal with as well.
  5. Drink plenty of PURE water; tap water is not good enough (invest in a filter – water will be important for all of your life) . . Do not freeze your stomach with chilled water, as this brings with it a raft of other digestive issues
  6. Change the time that you eat, utilizing the early morning to have a COOKED protein breakfast. Eat far lesson the evening when your metabolism is about to go into repair/ regeneration mode for the evening, anyway.
  7. Change what you regard as ‘food’. Quality sperm and eggs, and uterine linings need protein and fat. Fat is the base ingredient for hormones – especially the thyroid (metabolism) ones. This information can be found in Heather’s e-book “Helping Yourself to Health and Vitality” 
Briefly this means 
a small protein snack every 3 hours, 
abolishing gluten (wheat, rye, oats and barley – read labels from now on – you will be stunned)
two and a half cups of veggies daily (each) not counting any potato in this measurement
  8. Avoid exposure to anything heating in vibration. This means the modern ‘conveniences’ all forms of wireless technology, microwaving and remotely controlled devices.
    Why? They fry the sperm, create heat (thus toxicity) in all the tissues, and cause reproductive distress.
    How practical is it? 
It is possible – Do the best you can.
    Why does no one else say this? 
It is not difficult to find come statistics on the toxic effects of modern living on sperm. Common sense aligned with basic acupuncture theory would say that going backwards in time, with all aspects of living would indicate the better conception chances of generations gone.
  9. Make sure that your intimate sexual relations are not a matter of mechanical sperm sexual deposits. 
Women need much touching and intimacy to feel like being as sexual as I suggest. Every second day at least -as you are both on supplements, and herbs, any libido differences can be assisted.

Looking At Supplements

If you intend to get serious about making a quality baby (not expecting that the first one that comes along will be perfect without trying to enhance the odds in your favor is a good thing to think, if nature has not easily provided here), please read on.

Most naturopaths sell products that are not readily available elsewhere, as we know that quality costs and the cheaper brands tend to substitute – so the label may look as though it has a lot in it . . . but there are issues of bioavailability/ease of assimilation to consider.

Very few naturopaths will let a couple get away without BOTH being on everything – regardless of whether the sperm sample is deemed “normal” or not. I often explain that if one is 100 % OK, and the other is not quite, the ‘good’ one needs to be 150% to make up the difference . . .

We do expect to get the best, when buying a house or a car. Starting any old baby, especially if conception has not happened easily, is not anyone’s intention. Quality sperm and eggs happen with intention, and this means very good lifestyle and diet.

Most are incapable of disappearing out of their lives, whisk they detox and commune with nature.
The short answer is to clean up the diet (see below, under ‘free’ therapies) and insure against all the toxic events that have been bequeathed to you both, before you hand these on to your children, by supplementation. Below is what I consider to be the absolute minimum.

Using this formulation, over the past 20 years, I have had no cases of premature labour, gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, abnormal fluid/weight gain/autism spectrum babies or those with ADHD. Given that my patient base was high risk women, often older, desperate (more likely to follow instructions) and those with prior health complications, I regard the nutritional base to start a baby as far more important than paying for the ‘best’ obstetrician or whomever is decided to preside over the entry of this baby into the world.

Approximate Cost of Supplements

  • Zinc Drink $15 (1/2 ml x 2 daily – should last a few months)
  • Multivitamin $35 (at 3 a day – both ½ x 3 (3 weeks)
  • Vitamin C $25 (at 3 a day – both ½ x3) (4 weeks)
  • CoQ33 $50 (at 1 daily each) 4 weeks,
  • E500 $35 (at one daily each) (4 weeks)
  • Magnesium powder $35 (1 scoop x2 daily – 3 weeks)
  • Chinese herbs x 2 @ $70 each $120 (should last 3 – 4 weeks each)
(Tailored to the individual, and altered as results occur in general health and wellbeing indicators))
  • Sea minerals $30 (5 weeks)
(Both to take the general tonic/clearance of past viruses, etc.
If a hormonal balance/thyroid normalizer also required for her – another $30, lasting this time, 3 months approximately).

This is a base line, before anything specific is added – peripheral circulation may be needing to be adjusted/ sperm quality may dictate that TWO Co Q 10 (33) are taken by him , extra sperm assistance may be found by taking L– Arginine, and L- Carnitine (from Health food shop).

There is no mention of folic acid, as being a B vitamin, it is within all multis, and is very hard to miss in the diet below anyway . . .

Also no iron, as along with calcium, if there is insufficient Zinc  the absorption will be inadequate, and it is hard to miss both of these in the diet below as well.

Each case is different, and herbal preparations usually are also prescribed for these whose digestion needs assistance . . .

“Getting There” DVD

To assist those who really want to understand the quality issues arising from the previous non pregnancy

Getting There – pregnancy & the quality of your baby

condition, I have been filmed in a three hour presentation, “Getting There”

DVD Testimonials

“I did not realise that my contribution was so important to the end result” – Hamish

“We will definitely be waiting at least a year, gratefully, before trying to conceive. It is very obvious why we miscarried last month.” – Daniel


I now understand why some of my colleagues have started to be like IVF and charge large amounts in advance.

Expecting those who are half committed to keep coming when there is no repercussions, if they do not (except the very obvious – not continuing the momentum that has begun through making steps to change the metabolism, digestion and the general health and wellbeing as a prelude to better sperm production and a normal and easy menstrual cycle).

Over the decades, I have noticed those who do not negotiate over timing and cost issues, but who just follow instructions, are the ones who get the result they want – whether they have to eventually have to go down the IVF route; having natural therapies to assist the quality sperm, egg and endometrial lining issues, on the side, or whether they just naturally conceive . . .

Having acupuncture to enhance normal body function frees up the possible stress the whole system is undergoing as your daily setting, to just go through the myriad of things that you schedule for yourself.

Optimal health is required to make stunning sperm, and eggs and the ‘garden’ they are to be planted within.

Assisting your digestion, your constitution, and your wellbeing allows the pressure off, so excellent sperm and egg production naturally follows.

Besides regular acupuncture, prostatic drainage is a technique that may sound daunting but is a simple massage move, above the pubic bone.

This enhances the normal flow of substances within, and for men is crucial as a prostate dysfunction preventative and also to drain any tendencies to blockages that may lead to varicocels or other potentially sperm damaging conditions.

I strongly advise the buying of my book “What Dads Can Do”, as there I cover every conceivable health issue that may arise before, during and after pregnancy, and how to help yourselves at home.

This is includes a massage and self help DVD that takes you step by step through the moves involved to ensure she FEELS like sex.

She FEELS like moving her body (back/shoulder and neck pain will dissipate) and that she FEELS like being a woman, as her period pain and discomforts will be vastly lessened.

It just requires homework on your part – call it ‘foreplay’ – as after using the moxa (LINK TO WDCD P 96/97), everything will feel vastly looser and freer and sensual.

Heather’s Comments

The longer I work at this joyful interface, the more it is so obvious to me that nature intends us all to be parents. If this is not happening easily, there is a reason. If we adjust all aspects of your living, something will change. At least you will feel stunning; your acne/headaches /Candida/ eczema/ asthma and period hassles will clear up along the way. You will possibly lose or gain weight, as your body normalizes . . . .

Even when medicine, through the disease and dysfunction framework it has, says it is impossible without their interventions, this only means – of you keep being and doing what it is that has so far NOT gotten you pregnant.

If you change through the use of all the above suggestions, the odds are then stacked in nature’s favor.

Happy baby making!!!!!