What sort of mother do you want to be?

What sort of mother do you want to be?

If you want to be have an easy baby to love and enjoy being with 100% you need to bond with your baby at birth.

How does this happen?

You need the hormones mother nature intended to allow you to stay sane and happy as a mum!!

Start with expectations of perfect and see your hormones as your helpers

Birthing easily, ecstatically and undisturbed is what all mammals need – including humans.

Like a marathon, you need to prepare your body for birthing – prepare to be in love and loved at birth and beyond, by baby

What sort of baby do you want?

One who knows instinctively what to do with your nipples!!!

Do drugs given to mums affect baby?  Do they make him/her easy to love?


Pregnancy should be a time of enjoyable anticipation, not fearful worry about what could go wrong.

Currently medical practices may not be in the best interests of you and your baby.

Know what you need and the risks of going along with generally accepted procedures that are not necessary and may even be harmful.

Good nutrition is the foundation of a well pregnancy. Know what you need and why, so you can evaluate the conflicting advice you are bound to be given.


If you are not able to conceive naturally you need to find out why rather than bypass nature by using IVF.

There is always a good reason pregnancy is not happening. It is your body telling you it is not ready to make a perfect baby.

If you wish to learn how to have an easy baby, an easy life – please read what is here with an open mind.