Vaccination Awareness

“One of the stumbling blocks we have found when educating people about vaccinations is that they are led to believe that side effects are rare.

We know they are not rare, but are seldom reported and recorded by the medical industry so it appears they are rare.

If people only knew that the side effects are denied and the disease symptoms are exaggerated, it would be easier for them to weigh up the so-called risk/benefit ratio.

To remedy this we have now started a register to record these reactions – it is not necessary for a doctor to have acknowledged the reaction as we know in Australia, even if the reaction is acknowledged by a doctor, it is seldom recorded on the patient chart. However, most of the reactions are simply denied. If a parent knows that the damage was done by vaccination that is all that is important here.

We have also decided to start a day of Remembrance for all the babies, children and adults who believe they
or their loved ones have been damaged, disabled or killed by vaccinations.

For too long parents who have done the so-called ‘right thing’ and vaccinated, have been left bewildered and often angry that they are not being listened to when their child has a reaction.

Mothers in particular know when their child has been affected by vaccines, especially when their behaviour changed or illness started on the very day or soon after a vaccine was given. Parents are ignored and left to pick up the pieces. Many never get to see a product insert that lists a lot of the side effects their child has experienced.
Imagine how a mother or father feels when they continually see vaccines portrayed as safe in the media and by governments, when vaccines have killed or seriously damaged their child. Not only that, but the cause of the death or damage is often denied!

The day of Remembrance will be February 16th every year. At this time we don’t know what will be happening on this day but there will be a ceremony to honour the lives lost and also to support the children and parents who live daily with the damage done. A follow up email will go out with additional details very soon.

There will be a page on our website where you can go and you can direct people to, who have a damaged, disabled or deceased child. (we are working on this at the moment)
At this point I would like all of you to report your child’s damage (transient or permanent damage) or death via email to – Feel free to pass this email to others. We would like as many people as possible to register. The names on the register will not be used for anything without permission.”

Stephanie Messenger

Stephanie is available for small in-clinic workshops/ chats with interested Parents/parents-to-be to discuss in an informed way – options for your Precious children – fueled by what was not available to her and her family over 20 years ago . .