Conscious Parenting

Links to information of importance to conscientious parents:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, Cot Death)

“The risk of cot death (SIDS, crib death) can be eliminated by ensuring that babies sleep on mattresses known to be free from the elements phosphorus, arsenic and antimony (and using only certain specified bedding).”

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Vaccination versus breastfeeding

What is mother’s milk is good for and why we should wait to inject poisons into our newborns –

Vapours from Hell

“It is very difficult to accept the devastating reality about what dentists have done to humanity, and what they intend to continue to do. Even though the evaporation of mercury from dental amalgam was known as early as 1882 by Talbot[i] and by Stock in 1926[ii] dentists have, decade by decade, continued to expand the use of mercury amalgam cavity fillings.”
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Womb Ecology

An overview of the “Primal Health Research Data Bank” ( will convince anyone that our health is to a great extent shaped in the womb. We have now compiled hundreds of studies detecting correlations between states of health in adulthood, adolescence or childhood and situations when the mother was pregnant. There is also an accumulation of data suggesting that the way we are born has long-term consequences, particularly in the fields of sociability, aggressiveness, or, otherwise speaking, capacity to love.

How can we give our babies and families the best possible start to life?

Can a gentle start enhance ease, pleasure and safety for mother and baby?

Which gentle birth and parenting choices will lay a strong foundation for health and happiness for all the family?