Why IVF/ART/IUI/ICSI is not where to start

Baby making . . . 

When I first started assisting couples to become families in the late ‘70’s, there was no other way of helping than by doing what farmers and householders had always done – improve what you were making the babies/ farm produce with . .

1) – This meant overhauling health. ??

(Not a medical issue/interest/focus)

2) – Ensuring there was sufficient raw ingredients. (Micro nutrients – such as ZInc, and sacred foods for super babies/parents and what we make hormones with)

(Still now medicine says ‘there is no evidence’ to show that changing diet affects inflammation/pain/ cancer/diabetes or in fact any health problem at all – as their focus is on drugs and life management of illness, not the return of vibrant health and happiness.

3) – Clearing out any toxic influences (zeolites) that were negatively impacting upon the process at all levels.


There has been a massive swing away from common sense over the past several decades as people no longer grow their own food and are thus totally divorced from natural life. What used to be laws that all knew about are now often seen as ‘old wive’s tales’ and ‘old fashioned’.
Especially when there is now such big money to be made by all selling dreams on hopes and now through fear (getting too old/time running out/’AMH too low’ etc).

What is missed in this is the engagement in health and vitality.
Who cares – when a lot of money can change hands and bypass nature?

You may.

I do.

I have been in this business for too long and have a sense of history . .

I see you all through your life. (Continuity of care).

This means that regardless of whether the baby is conceived, I still see you for all the health and life issues that pop up – often for decades.

There is more joy in doing a job well than in supporting you as you learn that there is an order in the world, and that you have violated it – through winning a lottery of chance – what do I mean .. .?

(Yes this (As life is) is confronting .. .

1 – you maybe have a molar pregnancy or a

2 – pregnancy that will not ‘stick’ – or

3 – you are the one that gets the experience of having to terminate your baby as s/he is not formed properly,

4 or you get the dead twins in utero as they compete against each other and both die,

5 – or you get the premmie baby who can’t make it,

6 – or a baby who failed to thrive, and died or who struggled and still now does

or/and and whose placenta shut down/off enough to cause lifelong issues

7 – or you get the baby who never breathed for whatever reason,

8 – or you get the compromised baby – all different scenarios, that you may feel happen to ‘someone else’ –

BUT I see those someone else’s are in my clinic . . . often decades later . . .

or a few weeks/months/years later as they can’t move through their lives to the next stage.

All of this is happening as we are not listening to nature.

Medicos may dissect the bodies of the babies, and look at ‘chromosomes’ – as though you are somehow doomed by birth accidents – yet you were perfectly well till this happened – so what about epigenetics?
That is what you have done /fed yourself – and also what has happened to your family line – all eating and living in the same toxic habits and experiences – not just physical – there are nasty memories. Patterns of abuse and distress that also radically change what would have been a clean template.

You may ask – what to do about this?
Force a baby on yourself and hope it will miss you?
As I have said – it all happens to someone and is happening more frequently to all as we continue to break wellness and money, not common sense and what mothers always knew to do – happens.

Lets all play medical roulette instead.

Not pay attention to what all farmers knew – that what we eat makes who we are.

That the contaminants need to be well away from life, as anything anti life means trouble.

This may be off-putting to read.

It is more off-putting to have to support someone who days, weeks/months/years before has been in this situation and is not able to move forwards.

I have been castigated before by hose who are upset by the inference on my sites that going to IVF may not make a perfect outcome. Some get very upset that I suggest that a lack of preparation may make an imperfect baby . . .

Perhaps instead of listening to the IVF hype, some research of your own may uncover the facts.

We need in all endeavours to start at the bottom and work up – not jump to the head of the queue as there are consequences.

The excuse of ‘need donor eggs’ all the while ignoring that 4 % (current ‘acceptable level of NORMAL looking sperm in a semen same – not joking – is ridiculous – used to be the least possible normal looking to try to make a baby with ICSI – in a laboratory – and force a sperm into the egg.

Inferior and dud sperm at that – as now is 4 % only need to look ‘OK’ . . what doctors are saying is ‘good’/’OK’ and even great – this is because so few samples that are actually fertile – over the 80.5% mark that their dads would have had . . and when there were no testing or scanning – it was not a problem – pregnancy happened as designed – conception invariably meant a full term healthy baby.

Not now and not with this rubbish sperm and not even with throwing thousands of dollars away. Instead of starting with cleaning up the sperm generating cells so they can make decent sperm again – the woman is in the spotlight .. .

The new deal is telling women that they need to find donor eggs.

Who is looking at the major drama – why this is happening and as it is happening to the sperm – what does it mean for the eggs and the mother-to-be’s body (and heart, if and when the bad sperm get through and start making a baby that will not make it as it is not viable enough to live outside her body with her supporting its life force??)

Why are women so proud of the rubbish that they are still eating in pregnancy?
or the alcohol that they are still drinking?
Or the habits that they know are not life affirming that they are still indulging in?

All of this is racked up in the developing baby and is not necessarily showing YET – but why is there such an explosion in cancer in the children? Neurological incompetence, and allergies/asthma/unhealthiness abounds?

We could ask – why is there not an investigation as to what make as wellness assured?

Whilst in Melbourne recently doing a locum I found many young women who had ‘bought’ into this idea – and all of them had partners whose sperm was under 10% looking normal!!!! So all were distressed as they faced making babies with someone else’s eggs – if they could afford this.

Pretend that the sperm was not the major issue .. .No one is speaking of removing all the toxins that are making normal impossible to happen – through messing with nutrient pathways and by contaminating all life.
There is no more room to move.

In two weeks I saw three men with ZERO normal looking sperm – and one of these was attending IVF clinics to make a baby with that – with no reference to undoing why the sperm in his case was all misformed. Or what they could do themselves to undo what is happening to then and all other couples .

There are just 3 ½ years since 4% normal looking sperm would have been thrown out. The acceptable level then was seen to be 15% looking normal. Which itself is a big problem as only 10 years ago it had to be 30%, and 20 years before that 50% looking normal.

What is normal?

This is not a pass mark, or even something to aspire to – it is the LEAST likely to be seen as being fertile – although I suspect that the needs investigating.

I say this as I was working with couples to help achieve a baby when the ‘infertile’ percentage for good sperm was 80.5% – which meant that if he had over 19.5% (not 96% wrong/bad/abnormal that is now seen as ‘good/OK) looking damaged/dodgy – head tail problems – many or mangle or either or both – that meant – his sperm was no good – as whatever had messed with what was visible would also have messed with what was inside that was not visible – what the DNA had to say.

(Perhaps if you are interested, get a sperm defragmentation test done). These results show what was happening three months ago and can change with your doing lots to improve yourself. See how .. . ‘Research into Improving Male Fertility’.
Sounds reasonable – we are so very fragile and what is happening to the planet was set in motion through greed some time ago and ‘The Silent Spring’ that Dr Rachel Carson spoke of in the early 1960’s is here – in the fish, the birds, the animals and in the human populations where not there is such trauma around sex not making babies – or at least great babies in healthy pregnancies to happy mums.

It is not a matter of luck that one of the issues mentioned above happens – it is a matter of poor planning – and all the work to be put in to get a couple of over a baby line seems to be superfluous when the razzle-dazzle of ART shines through – but – the hard yards of undoing life habits and complacency – and the toxic harvest (‘Our Stolen Future’) that has messed with your body really dictates that something serious may be needed to be done – and even if a baby does not eventuate, at least you and your partner will be well and vibrant.

The exchange of effort for results works for all athletes and it also works for marathon runners, and farmers and will for you too . . . It works for most who actually look after gardens, rearing animals and will also work out for your quality baby making if you take this seriously.

What used to happen – sex equals babies – now does not.

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