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Why can’t I get pregnant?

Have you been:

  • Trying to get pregnant?
  • Following your doctor’s advice?
  • Taking fertility drugs?
  • Spending a fortune on failed IVF procedures?
  • Still wondering why you can’t make a baby without medical intervention?

Join the program that reveals the secrets that will allow your body to conceive naturally!

Here is your step-by-step blueprint to making your perfect baby, naturally!
Did you know the real reason why you can’t make a baby is because…
a chemically ‘toxic environment’ is quietly ‘killing off your body’s natural ability’ to produce viable eggs?
Did you know that commonly accepted fertility drugs and popular fertility treatments like IVF and ICSI, can not only cause horrible long term health complications but may be directly responsible for conception of an unhealthy embryo!

Why not find out why nature is not gifting you well pregnancies and easy babies naturally and fix it?
Then you can have the easy life full of children’s laughter that you dream of.

Heather BruceWho am I to say this?

I have been working with couples to become parents now for over 36 years and have been assisting the fertility journey since before IVF arrived . Maybe leave those who are surgeons and pharmaceutical sellers alone and instead take a farmer’s look – ask yourself -‘How can I be more healthy?’ (Why? – because healthy equals fertile and the medical model does not accept that you can change the sperm parameters, anymore than it sees value in being healthy before forcing a pregnancy on a damaged baby factory (your upset uterus and wonky hormones).

Perhaps even ponder:

What does nature (and your not yet conceived children) need you to do?

Why is what I say different?

I am working with, not against nature and thus your best interests.
I completed my acupuncture training in Brisbane, Australia in 1979. I intertwined my professional life with raising four children, birthing them over  18 years. This led me to specialise in women’s health issues, branching into all forms of fertility and pregnancy management.

As a new mum whilst learning acupuncture and naturopathy in the late 70’s, I was always very aware of the women’s, children’s, and family health – and sustainability issues. Back then, when i started practice, there was NO HELP FOR SUBFERTILITY (and this is when sperm counts had to show at least 80% looking normal). Not the ridiculous ‘pass’ mark of only 3% looking as thought hey have one head and one tail – what about what happened to all the rest – the 97% that are no good – do you really want to make a maybe miscarriage/ failed pregnancy with this? Quality babies or any hopeful conception?

Working with women trying to get pregnant for over 35 years has taught me what really works and why the medical profession does not have the answers. I have seen first hand the common mistakes well-known “fertility experts” make.

I have always been passionate about education. Change is inherent if we want healing. I have actively helped those would seek assistance to move through their own inner blocks, empowering them to own their own healing journey.

To do this I call upon a mix of vibrational, medicinal and practical tools, acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese herbs, life counseling and the Arvigo tradition of Mayan massage.

In addition to treating patients through my busy infertility/obstetric practices in Brisbane and NZ, I am continually researching and updating her infertility and pregnancy e-books and DVDs for the wider audience.

As the toxicity levels of the world around us have markedly increased  – the ‘acceptable’ levels of good looking sperm has plummeted to only 3 – 4% looking normal – not even being useful necessarily.

When lecturing, whether it is to my peers, allied professionals, or other interested persons, I have always brought these many healing arms to help move apparently hopeless into what your body was always set up to do – we just need to change what you call ‘normal’ and what this current life is doing, impacting in natural.
In learning what worked, easy babies are easy – just follow the plan.

The secrets to making healthy babies

What I’ve done is document the details of every single tip, hint, and forgotten traditional therapy that really make a difference over the last three and a half decades so YOU too can take the initiative and start making your own baby naturally, no matter how many times you have failed until now.

Why would I do that?

Because I get asked all the time how to help people get pregnant and this is the most efficient way of sharing what I’ve learned in my lengthy career.

There are a lot of ‘fertility experts’ out there who claim to know the answers, but most of them – orthodox or ‘alternative to orthodox’ use the standard one-size-fits-all protocols and are following the medical line of prescribing herbs/drugs or magic formulate instead of looking at the real reasons you are not making your own babies yourself at home.

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What value do you put on finding the answers?

It Is not just about getting pregnant . .

Job not done yet . . . What value do you put on having strong, resilient and super happy babies from easy full term pregnancies – with a healthy (and sane) mum thoroughly enjoying every stage of the maternal adventure?

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Heather Bruce