Steps to Avoid Autism

  1. – Start your future child’s foundation with the best health by ensuring both parents are in top condition.
    First detox with activated liquid zeolites at least for six months whilst you get great preconception wellness work done .
    More information is available in Heather’s Natural Fertility and Living Well packages.Being on these activated liquid zeolites PRIOR to conception – especially all those prospective dads who have dreadful (less than 90% normal and less than 200 million per ml) sperm results could only help. Remember – you can only make a baby once.
    Most women are simply not pregnant YET as he is nowhere near fertile – the sperm test parameters have been plumetting in line with the reduced male fertility – will give you some awareness of why this is. Check out ‘toxic sperm‘ or ‘toxic breast milk‘ online and see what you DON’T want to be bequeathing your future babies.
  2. – Avoid all contamination through chemical exposure well before conception – and definitely whilst baby is within and then breastfeeding – no hair colourings or nail solvents . . Avoid fetal testing as all this does is add more likelihood of damage –scanning is NOT safe – whatever the age of the fetus.
    You don’t need to check out how baby is if you start well . . . .(ask Heather about your specific concerns . . .)

I have just come upon Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies by Cameron Stauth and Dr. Kenneth Bock [ISBN: 978-0-345-50768-6 Published by Ballantine Books].

In this amazingly useful and life changing book, Kenneth Bock says chelation therapy is a key route out of the autistic mess the child is in. Chelation, besides being very expensive is also beyond possibility for most autistic people as it is about sitting still and having needles. Over and over. In my daughter’s case it would have been completely impossible and highly traumatic and the only way this would have been achieved is if she was anesthetized – and what would be the point in taking out toxins whilst having to use them to get her stationary?

The easy answer is to do it simply – and in away that is possible far more effective – as well as being harmless to the autistic sensibilities:
activated liquid zeolites – at no pain or distress to your autistic loved one – as they can’t taste the drops, and don’t even know they are getting them.

These activated liquid zeolites will do a often a better job for those who have tried chelation and then gone on to zeolites – they find a huge improvement in themselves .

3. – Don’t buy into the idea that pregnancy needs micro managing. Nature is best left to unfold as it can – and does so very well. Fetal scanning is not safe – please investigate what you are doing as those who market these services are there as a job – is it all necessary – ad is it saving babies? Same also with fetal testing of any sort – why not start as though the baby you are making is as precious as it becomes when it is inside you – and ensure through great preconception care that there is no need for these invasive and possible dangerous interventions.

4. Birth as nature intended – getting access to all the hormones and the natural ways means mum and baby are far more likely to be in love and happy together.

5. – If you must vaccinate – leave it till baby is eating all known foods – and is at least 5 year old. There is no protection as good as a well functioning immune system – left to develop as all were supposed to. Starting with abundant nutrient rich mother’s milk for at least a year or so . .. preferably longer. This is the second natural vaccination pathway – the first being mum’s birth canal (babies born by C section are three times more likely to die in their first month of life of respiratory and immunological problems when not born naturally. ) So many vaccines are not only full of dangerous neuro-toxins that can severely affect your loved and precious baby but are grown on all manner of animal and human tissues – and mainlining these through the newborn’s blood stream is not safe and can’t be researched – so is just performed anyway.

With the recent huge increases in peanut allergies and other anaphylactic reactions to common foods and the epidemic of ADHD and children on the autistic spectrum, rather than listening to the mainstream idea that it is bad luck, and a random event, you could get smart and avoid all the likely trigger – and leave vaccinating to those who are not aware that good health beats wrecking a fledgling immune system. Supplementing with Zinc and Selenium in small doses and taking Vit C daily along with heaps of organically grown vegetables and a great selection of nutrient dense ==se foods – not cereals/grains and sweet treats and carbonated drinks and caffeine laced beverages will allow the best to come forwards

Babies were meant to be well – if you have one that seems to be ill all the time, perhaps it is time to look for health care not illness management.

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What if you have suspicion of you child’s behaviour and want to detox him/her?

In my daughter’s case, she was given liquid activated zeolites three times a day, ten drops each dose – when she was 19 years old. Within two days her special school teacher was commenting on the difference in her behaviour. I had asked both her and her foster mother to leave water about for Kathryn to drink – and both told me she never drank anything.

I said – “I know – but leave it out just in case”. Sure enough – she was drinking and still is. . . .the zeolites when they work cause thirst as the toxic molecules to exit the body need water to allow it to happen safely.

Kathryn within the first two days was calmer, happier, allowed people into her space more, was not as ‘out of it’, and was trying to talk and letting other people touch her. She was also a lot more aware and has been on these now for the past five and a half years at the detox dose.

This has allowed her to stay with the wonderful family she lives with. She continues at 24 years old to be 100% care at all times, and still not toilet trained – but she is a lot happier and easier to manage and takes more interest in what is going on.

The removal of the Mercury that so devastated her after her in utero exposure to my dental work – done at five month’s gestation – and the ‘background’ noise of all the dental amalgam in my mouth was exascerbated when she was four and a half when I had her vaccinated against MMR.

Whilst there are many who chose to not listen to concerned parents who consciously vaccinated carefully, as I did – when she was the most well I had ever seen her – when she was nearly out of autism .. . and after the MMR she very nearly died – taking a year of our lives to try to rescue her.

The Mercury or the Aluminium in these vaccines is not helpful when the child is already compromised – by unwellness or with an already high load of and often hidden toxins within.

Using the zeolites if you have a child or loved one who has reacted badly to vaccinations or who is neurologically compromised in any way will do no harm – unlike a lot of what is being touted as ‘safe’ – swine flu and general flu injections are full of the Mercury that is so very dangerous.

If you wish to enhance immune system – Zinc (D link to this elsewhere please) and Vit C and just sensible living are all far more likely to keep you well than attacking your bloodstream with products that are impossible under normal physiological conditions to shift.

Liquid activated zeolites do a wonderful job or relieving the toxic presence caused by such ventures. They are not the only part of the journey out for an autistic person, but cleaning up the contamination is a great start.

My now adult daughter Kathryn had a myriad of other therapies that had helped over the years. They are in line with all that the book ‘Healing the New Childhood Epidemics’ says. Truth is truth. Hoping for the best (as standard medicine is disease and death based not wellness and vitality/full health potential focused) and not noticing the biochemical horror our autistic people are living within is a disgrace. We can change it – and it is easily done and laid out so very well here.

Taking liquid activated zeolites to relieve the load has meant she is a happier and more malleable profoundly autistic sufferer. There is no harm in trying. All that happened in her case, as with many others, is that she improved – and she and her carers had no idea of anything going on . ..

The difference will be almost immediately apparent.

Building on from this – I found another product that uses a different pathway and caused the same intense changes in her within a few weeks of being on it – so she is still on the zeolites and also now on Glutathione enhancers and will be on both indefinitely.

This product gave the same degree of change as the zeolites – and I can only imagine if used together would bump up functionality remarkably.

As a parent I find that everything needs to be used together – as the problems faced with massive brain injury that Kathryn has in addition to the overlay of extreme autism – means that who knows what did what and I personally do not care. . . I was not prepared to take her off the liquid activated zeolites as they had been so instrumental in her being able to stay with her wonderful foster mother, as Kathryn is now stable.

The extra product (Glutathione enhancer) that is designed also to remove Mercury and other toxins meant that not only did Kathryn respond extremely positively and fast to the extra help, but she is now off most vitamins and herbals that I had prescribed (being a naturopath and healer myself) and as a bonus, she has for the first time in years (she is now 24) growing. She is very little and has given up a clothes size – which at her age is not usual . .

Who can say what would happen when you tried this approach. Far better than doing nothing as this is essentially what mainstream says to do. A little behavioural modification and drug therapy that only increases the inner toxic load in whatever form is not going to address the severe disruption our autistic relatives live within.

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