Pregnancy mishaps

Sometimes we have interesting diversions in life

Not planned
Hopefully we learn from them

At least stand back and have a rethink.
And not repeat.


If you have had a miscarriage (or several), series of implantation failures, a pregnancy loss at any time –  of any description – you want to know that when you go again – to will end in a babe in arms. Not a repeat performance. You want to feel happy and calm all through the following pregnancies as you grow your much lived child.

It may be confronting – but please pay attention.
There is HIM to see to . .
Add in another 6 months of actively avoiding conceiving whilst you make the  best ingredients (sperm and egg) to pop in the nest.

See more on the ‘him’ here.

Here is what few know about or talk to you about – especially as they are NOT looking at the facts – we are seeing so much more of this than in times past – and no one seems to be asking questions as to hwy.
Here I have been and this is what I have found . .

A bit too confronting?
Not to me.

I help you rescue yourselves ..
I offer the intensives.
I only see both of you

First thing I usually have to do is rescue your relationship.
Then your health.

Babies are the third focus . .

The Shared Journey