Male Factors in Pregnancy

A long-standing patient came in today for treatment.

Her three previous pregnancies have resulted in only one baby and she wants to avoid a miscarriage this time.

I asked her about the quality of her husband’s sperm and she looked at me quizzically, saying: “I have got pregnant 3 times already so there is obviously nothing wrong with him”.
She had no idea that less than perfect sperm could be a contributing factor in her miscarriages.

Searching for “male fertility & caffeine” produced 178,000 hits  with some of the first being:

  • In about 40% of infertile couples, the cause of the infertility lies with the males
  • Caffeine and alcohol affect men much as they do women. Both have even been implicated in male reproduction
  • Caffeine use is associated with a decreased potential to produce a pregnancy. Studies show link between caffeine and infertility.
  • Whilst one site said: “a positive effect of caffeine on male fertility caused by its apparent ability to stimulate sperm motility” but there is nothing to suggest that these stimulated sperm are more fertile or able to produce a healthy fetus.

Then there was:

  • Another reason to watch your waistline: Fat men have bad sperm.
  • Young men warned of laptop risk; Heat could damage fertility

Yet another case – a woman arrives after FIVE miscarriages – and although she is about to turn 40, (magic number – what is happening in medicine land – we all live differently; we all start from different places as a starting line – and we all run live it at different paces;  we all are different heights at age five years old; and come out different weights at birth – how is it that FORTY is so crucial – surely we all age at a rate tied into lots of factors – only one of these being the number of our birthdays??? she is getting pregnant [month after month] – and losing them at 6 weeks and 3 days.

So why is no one interested in what is happening?

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She came to see me – and I suggested more supplements and herbs to help her feel as though she was more of everything she needed to be (Blood energy – see my work on this on site or by buying Helping Mother Nature eBook).

Acupuncture and counseling really helped to calm her down – BUT still what do we do with a medical model that pretends it is ALL about the woman?

She felt vastly better; her BBT went far more normal: we sourced progesterone cream in case it was a factor in the miscarriages: she got pregnant again and was so happy – until she miscarried all over again.

In the meantime, I kept strongly suggesting a sperm test, regardless of the hassle involved as there had to be some reason that the babies were not staying – and I had done such a good job of turning her around..

He had had a vasectomy years before and this had been reversed.  They already had three children together and number four is wished for.

The doctor refused a sperm test.  Many times.

Point blank- he was getting her pregnant – and she was 40 – it is all about her egg quality.

Did they forget it takes two to make a baby?

ANSWER: go on Chlomed.

She said – so I can miscarry 2 or 3 at a time?

No further debate -past -go to IVF .. .

What about the quality of the eggs?

Can IVF adjust this? – of course not.

What about the stud? there is  a problem – so we go around again and have another miscarriage – and then consult an IVF doctor how FINALLY gets a sperm test done – and although specifically asked for – no antibody testing was done.

Result finally came through (and this is whilst she is pregnant and hopeful – yet again) – only FIVE PERCENT normal and only 11 million per mil (the lowest the WHO says is fertile is 15% normal (and this means 85% not) and 20 million in the sample.  No antibody testing done.

So she is SO FERTILE she is getting pregnant with his dud sperm and then losing it- and why is it that medicine sees it as a FEMALE problem of aging?

Could it not be his occupation and his vasectomy history – perhaps no mention of his big problem as there is no tools in the medical box to help this  .  there is no procedure or drug to give him.  Life changes do though – but this is natural assistance – and drug/forcing is what the science plays with.

Where is modern medicine going that they all are so sure that the guy is OK – what about looking at the facts first?
Men thirty years ago were expected to be far more fertile than their offspring are being OK’ed with now.

I had one guy who had 100 million and about 50% normal jump up to 225 million and 95% normal – so why are we not lifting the bar to have GREAT kids instead of all the hopeful scans to check baby is OK before telling everyone the little one is on board?

Perhaps we all need to be more like farmers and get the best stud possible – or at least get him in breeding state before trying the baby game.

So what do couples do when they are refused sperm tests?

In NZ where I also work, often I see men who have dreadful tests results like this – they go back to get a retest after applying all the life changes that are freely available on this site and especially in the eBook Helping Mother Nature – several months later and this is refused.

Blood tests for women’s hormones are done over and over – is this a conspiracy for the guys to feel better?

They are not getting to be dads this way.

They are being refused as the medical staff do not believe it will be any different – so what is going on?

All men who see me in NZ have become fathers – and this is after their prior dreadful sperm results and often years of having miscarriages/not getting her pregnant at all – or in one case of having a baby they chose to terminate – they were very motivated to have a good child – or none at all and although she was 46 when she fell again – it was all about HIM and once he had come up on all markers – especially his BBT which was an appalling 34.8 C which is two whole degrees under what it should have been – his sperm were then fine – as is their brand new baby.

But the doctors refused to retest him – he is not alone – so the men get partners pregnant after my interventions and by NOT doing all the things that they were – and we are all none the wiser as to the sperm improvements – except the babies are there [when they weren’t before – so how is this testing denial ever going to be reversed when there is no rechecking after improving the sperm obviously has made babies?

To give men with low sperm numbers apparently no hope – just because it is not a medical intervention offered – these random babies are appearing when before no chance.

Here is an answer for poor sperm quality and mobility and numbers.

Improve your state of health and your sperm will pop up and pay attention and make your children.