Induction (2)

Induction (part 2)

This is my position statement, as so many people do not think through what is being asked of them by their medical directors. . Intervention into the interface mum/baby inherently alters the dance of hormonal bliss that awaits all who birth undisturbed – naturally as a mammal.

Often people think I will interfere at the apparent end of their end of pregnancy . . .
Here is what I have seen after 35+ years assisting women in their maternal journey.

Generally baby is not ready, not due actually, or mum is not ready – or baby is in the (non optimal) actually wrong position, or something is not safe for baby to descend or be birthed.
Are any of these taken into account in making a very broad connection between apparent ‘dueness’, (no ‘use by fate’ – depends totally on mum’s state of health and the placental blood flow – which can be improved through the sacral moxa fan and the massage all on this page) – maternal impatience and all the other factors that may seem completely ridiculous even a month from now ..

Perhaps it is time to ponder ..

What is the rush? What will happen if you don’t?
Where is the evidence to support that this is to happen to YOUR baby?
How ‘right’ are the scans?
Is there some way to improve placental flow if this is the major concern – especially if baby is not ‘due’ yet?
Is baby unsafe being incubated where s/he has been so safely growing all this while? Is there a ‘use by date’ on the placenta? How is it to be measured, seeing we are all different, and all have different rates of metabolism and health?

Is your body’s wisdom to be ignored?

Are you inadvertently setting the scene for your future parenting style?
Why listen to medical fears and to your own impatience – what if baby is not ready to breathe? In six month’s time – will it be seen as the best care for your baby?

Or yourself?
You may think that you are listening to ‘safety’ concerns – without realizing it is usually not safe to induce. I spend a lot of clinic time undoing all the birthing horror stories that just would not have happened had mum had a homebirth in a safe supportive birthing culture. Please research yourself – is hospital birthing safe?

What is your definition of ‘safe’ – as the rates of postnatal maternal distress/trauma are new, and rising, and you do not surely need to be one of these women. Has anyone walked you through the likely reasons for your not having your babe in arms yet?

  1. Baby not ready

(‘Dueness’ is a very relative term and is dependent on your state of health and the ‘cooking speed’ of your own oven THIS TIME – meaning all sorts of things throughout the pregnancy may have slowed down the effectiveness of your body’s ability to make baby and it is catching up now.

  1. You are not ready

Investigating what birthing and being a mum mean to you nay have been not on your radar as work has been keeping you busy – and talking you with all and the work to get a nursery etc ready – what about the inner ‘homework’ around losing your independence on most levels – and being an anonymous mum like all the others – has this been worked through?

  1. Baby is not in the right position

Head down is the beginning – then comes lying in the side that your pelvis can easily birth from? Usually the baby’s back on your left facing your right – (called OA – not OP)

  1. Your pelvis is still too tight

Also happens – especially when you are very ‘fit’ – and often gets in the way of easy birthing – especially if there are old falls/damage that have never been totally healed – this is where the Mayan /Arvigo work is brilliant and if this is not possible – at least work through the Easy Birthing DVD and eBooks found here.

  1. You need to get yourself and your ‘stuff’ out of the way

Becoming a mum means losing yourself. Finding a new person within. This could be what is now holding you back – and this inner work (see point 2 above) is almost never acknowledged. Please talk with older women – and see if they have tips for you. Your peers will be still too raw/new. Elders do try to assist as they know what will likely happen when .  . as it did to them when they also thought that they knew it all.

Nature will let you know when it is time to move to induction – and being bored/fed up with being so pregnant is not one of these. If you have sore muscles/can’t sleep etc – go to the pregnancy app – a health solutions focused ‘do it yourself now’ help at your fingertips from a senior natural health problem solving maternal specialist’s decades of helping other just like you.

Do you know about ‘failed inductions?

Have you asked ‘What if it doesn’t work?’
Is baby in danger? (Balancing the risks)
If it is baby number one to be vaginally birthed – there is a process – and you are starting it – by being impatient – were you baby – how would you feel about being evacuated before time as you felt it?

Have you even pondered 

Is baby really ready to breathe? Who is running this – as it is the most momentous event baby will ever experience physiologically – and if not ready how are you damaging baby for life? No one walked you through this?  Think that it must be ‘OK’ otherwise it would not be offered in hospital?

What is induction?

Why is baby, and your body happy to stay growing as is? Due date – a lot written – what if we just left well alone? It is seen as 41 weeks all through France?

All have always known that the first baby comes later.

Naegele was in Germany in the 19th century – and no one seems to have updated the 40 week term. (Used to be 37 – 43 weeks, with 2 weeks extra added in if it were your first one)
What if your period and the scan dating are wrong – why are you forcing baby to come when you want? When the doctor wants? What happen next?

Ask your friends who have not had an orgasmic birth – who are not bonded and happily breastfeeding with a calm peaceful baby . . (Who takes baby home to deal with forever after). Maternal distress is not where you wish to start your new life long love relationship from.

If you are scared of birthing – perhaps step back and get yourself birthing-ready.

It is transformative, it is powerful – it is life changing – and deciding to miss the natural way and go with medicine may cause you more drama than you may anticipate.

Please rethink this . .

Is it safe to ever interfere?
(Usually never) Who is benefiting ?

Is it baby? Really? Perhaps look to evidence based birth. Especially around the likelihood of much more dramatic eventualities. Perhaps check the rates of ‘emergency’ C sections after a failed induction. Research online . . . start here maybe. . .

Ask yourself – why not just get yourself birth ready – as this is a pelvic/heart relationship/connection – not a mental mind one. Being controlled by fear and what might be is not the best place to start a loving mothering bond.
Mothering is about nothing being in your control – so why try to make baby happen according to your will – this is a great place to start – let go and stop listening to anything other than baby . .

Why not just wait – as more interference is not what mammals do best with ..

Ask instead . .
1) – Is baby in the right spot?

(OP/back to back is usually the reason women see me to get baby started

2) – Calm down – stop listening to the people who are not giving you the full story, but their current ‘best practice’. Best for you? Your body? Your baby?

3) – Can you change baby position. Why baby is lying there?

Wait – as baby and body will work it out get info on how you can assist –

A whole look at matters important and what you can do to help yourself – especially around late pregnancy. Baby changing position and what to do about this at home safely – really works and allows pelvis to open and relax to birth easily.

Spinning babies may also help you – the eBooks from Heather above (also see the app) are the key as these are time honored easy do it yourself for all gains on late pregnancy techniques to assist the spinning babies one – and also find a Mayan pregnancy massage therapist. Why?

Optimal uterine positioning wins as does realigning the sacrum – as this work (and the sacral moxa fan and message) will do for you.
4) – Is your cervix even ready?

(Meaning is it going to happen anyway, left alone – soon?)
5) – Are you as a person ready?
What will happen if we just get you in the space to be ready to let go?
Not control – but release your will into the baby space of let it be?

Is this to set the tone for your child rearing – pretending that you can control another?
If you have doubts – see a trusted natural health specialist.

Is there enough maternal magnesium set aside for easy birthing? Do you have sufficient Vit D stored away to allow the minerals so needed for an easy birth to be ready?

A Mayan massage and Arvigo practitioner (as I am ) who is skilled at not only ‘ready, set, go’ at the need, but ensuring that your ligaments and structure are birth ready .

This is your precious baby’s birth – not your both – you had yours decades ago.

Think – what is nature saying to me – perhaps – learn that I am not in control?

Is there really an emergency – is it really dangerous to be within my safe space (uterus) for another few days or weeks? Is there something I (mum) need to work through before I (mum) see /feel my baby?

Is it all a matter of release, let go, and accept – as the beginning of my maternal journey are not to be shaped by medical version of panic/through fear – but live and acceptance – that my beloved will come – and will be here when s/he is ready – and on the meantime what can I do to prepare the nest?
And my body for the transition for both of us??

Whose baby and life is it?

Responsible parenting surely starts by not taking the first loud voice as being in your baby’s favour? Hard decisions? Have to be responsible? Welcome to being a parent. .
Perhaps start here, Or here, Or here

Do you really understand birth – or do you expect those you are paying/trusting do?
Whose birth is it anyway? (Baby’s). You want it ‘safe’ – leave Nature to do it her way . .

Thinking perhaps –‘oh well there is always an epidural?’
Think it through – do you want your baby as a drug exposed being in the first time it is to change circulation and life to being independent? What was the point of ‘doing everything right’ to protect baby – why are you giving it all over to big guns now?
What does nature set you up for?
Blissful bonding?? Loving baby ? Easy lactation?

Third stage – however baby was birthed – the most important one for mum forever after . . Have you thought of .. Leaving well alone.  All this information has been put together by women who have done this before you – and fervently wish someone had enlightened them.

EBook package to instantly allay any fears as you do the work needed for an easy birth (And a pain free back and structure at any stage of the pregnancy ) and all the tips for post natal care of mum’s body. Instantly downloadable ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and 2x MP4’s . .

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