Healthy weight, health and energy

Most people do not realise that the key to weight, health and energy is their thyroid – and whilst re-training their habits is a start – what really needs to happen is to get the body working well.

Why is there fat where it is and why, when all efforts to lose it by rigidly following diets and being ‘good’ and even obsessing about food and doing vast amounts of exercise (if you have the energy), is it STILL THERE?

Getting medical tests done will not help as what is needed is a WELLNESS model – and medicine is more about crisis care.  Starting with the inside can mean the weight melts off.
I have written the energy explanation for this in ‘Helping Yourself to Health and Vitality’ found elsewhere on this site.

Helping the body heal

Acupuncturists all talk about supporting normal and helping the body to help itself.  Invariably the best ways are return to nature- no expenses – just living well with simple choices.

What stops healing?

Often  it is the temperature of the food/liquids ingested – please see what I have written elsewhere about cold and what it does to mess with our body’s wisdom.

What else upsets the metabolism is the invasion of far too much sugar – in all forms – especially as fruit and fruit juices.
Often just knocking off all the sweet taste (what all other diets don’t) starts addressing the inner energy imbalances.

Easy way to lose weight

Focus on eating for wellness.

Get the metabolism on your side – which means looking after the sleep and water intake and protein and eating FAT to ensure the hormones have a foundation – and avoiding all sweet and all grains. . . it works . . .

Consult Heather’s eating plan . . .
Happy munching ..  . veggies and protein and fat – a little, often  . . .

Most people do not realise that it is the BODY not working well that leads us into unwellness – and obesity is part of a whole picture.

To undo this – starting with the metabolism and what helps it?

Eating good fats and a little protein, often,
and heaps of coloured veggies.

Avoiding all chemicals and anything sweet and all grains is a great start.

Whenever anyone follows this regime – and also looks at portion control – the discover more energy and a better life – as just like in a car – what you use as fuel dictates how well it works.

A baby is being made – and after baby is out – breast milk – from what?

Protein and fat

So where is it in the diet?

You can’t make a good strong baby/body with fresh air.  ..

To help those who are a bit lost with what to do with food especially when pregnant, and then breastfeeding, I have written a series of ebooks.

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy is one – also Gestational Diabetes