Have you been told you have gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes used to be almost unknown.
Perhaps we need to look at what we are eating – and also – how we are testing?

What I say here may be controversial if you believe that you are getting the best of care .. .
but . . .

Perhaps review what is going in your mouth.

What makes a baby?

  1. Healthy sperm and egg from eating great food before pregnancy
  2. Fat and protein
  3. Clean water
  4. Plenty of vegetables.

What makes great breast milk?

The Same:

  1. Healthy sperm and egg from eating great food before pregnancy
  2. Fat and protein
  3. Clean water
  4. Plenty of vegetables.

Please spend the time watching this clip (20 minutes).
Hopefully it will transform how you see health and disease – and your contribution.
Whilst the woman has/d MS – her findings are applicable for all and every human condition.
Just like with your car – put better grade petrol in, and it works better.

Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria

Who says that giving fasting mums a huge sugar hit is safe for baby?

Epigenetics (the environment we get to express our genes or not within) is a new science.

Who is thinking to test baby’s life within mum?

Perhaps the tried-for-decades approach of testing urine at each visit is more sensible as it is every visit and no impact (we all pee all the time).

Making mum fast in itself is not sensible in later pregnancy.

Having a huge sugar hit, (as if it has no impact on baby) will pop mum over the edge if she is not taking sugar regularly, and possibly give a false positive result.

Only ever the once.

What if her body and life get too messed up later on?

No test done then.  A simple urine test each visit would correct this.

Obviously those women having babies in the past decade or so may not be aware of what used to happen.
The newly qualified midwives also may not know.

What IS happening now is the women who never eat sugar and have this test are getting false positives, and being treated as though they do have diabetes.

I know it seems quite obvious when spelt out – but those who choose not to upset their bodies with sugar, and then fast, and then have a hit of sugar are in a state of body shock – and this biochemical response will be evident in their children.

Who has tested to see that it is safe, or that it does not have long range problems?

If she has been told she has diabetes – whetehr she does or not – she is often told she has to have baby within a time frame ‘due to her diabetes’. (The condition she may not have, so much as a reaction to the test).

She may then be kicked out of a birthing centre, or told she can’t home birth – and all because we are using new definitions of disease. Then beyond all the induction problems and subsequent birthing stories  . .
Fast forwards to toddler hood and beyond and we have sugar addicts . . .
Has anyone tested if it is even safe to do to a fetus?

I very much suspect not.
This means I see very pregnant women in clinic very worried about something they do not even have.

Solution – Why not suggest to the midwife that peeing on a stick would be preferable?
That you do not eat foods that would lend you to diabetes – no grains or fruits or anything sweet – and so if you take the test a false positive will not only upset the baby but also have you have the micro management that you really do not need.

Taking charge is as easy as understanding that looking for disease is a very different proposition to enhancing wellness.

To help yourself –  seeing a multi disciplinary natural therapist may be transformative.

Heather has been a naturopathically minded acupuncturists using Western and Chinese herbs for decades in the Brisbane area and her native New Zealand – all the while having her own children over many years – to reacquaint her with the feeling and the cultural perceptions of what is going on.

She has written the practical manual – What Dads Can Do (with accompanying DVDs in massage and birth preparation)- to help couples at home get ready for baby and to help them become empowered in their choices.

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