Fertility “Facts”


The Courier Mail (Brisbane) has again been beating the same old drum about women’s fertility declining with age without pointing out the other obvious factors which need to be taken into account if you want a baby.

Staying “fit and healthy” needs to be put in the context of enhancing your ability to make babies through understanding why it is that many women find it harder to conceive as the years go by.

The paper says:

AUSSIE women should “not to be too proud” in their search for Mr Right, as research reveals many are shocked to find it is hard to conceive after age 35.

Medical experts say many women know fertility declines with age, but think that if they stay fit and healthy, they will still fall pregnant when they want to.

However, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant at 40 is just 2 to 3 per cent a month, compared with 25 per cent in her 20s.”

Again we hear nothing of what makes half the baby – dad.

Older women chose older men who themselves are less fertile than younger men.

Women of all ages are told that they are aging and in a state of bad repair.
Mostly in my clinic it is found to be the ‘she’ll be right’ /reluctant dad to be is the cause of the miscarriages/pregnancy failures should the woman magically get pregnant at all.

The older men are more likely to father children with chromosomal abnormalities due to the sperm making cell’s inability to withstand the toxic environment we live in – assisted by the affects of ‘lifestyle’ self medication tend to use – caffeine and alcohol especially.  The older men are more likely to be highly stressed, taking prescription medication and often antacid medication all that wreck the chances of making good sperm.

Older men’s much higher chances of fathering babies with schizoprehnia, Down’s syndrome, cleft palate and autism are all linked to reactive oxidative stress and what this does to the chromosomes.

Older men also seem as resistant as younger ones to take supplements or make the changes needed to turn themselves into the LEAST fertile that they can be – instead relying on ICSI to get their partners pregnant.

When the media keeps telling women to accept dodgy sperm – as ‘doctors know best’ – we get this myth perpetrated that older women are less fertile than younger ones.  They may be more desperate and often do not work on their health and well-being before succumbing to the siren calls of modern reproductive medicine, BUT when they work on their metabolism, and with a natural therapist – especially an aware acupuncturist with Chinese herbs, and work to wellness, not fertility, babies naturally follow.

IF she has a man to partner her that is does not have useless sperm.

Unfortunately most all women who come into my clinic do.
They are told that his contribution ‘is fine’.

Great sperm cause babies – especially when not wanted.
A 44 year old woman recently found herself unwantedly pregnant again – after she had come to see me just to feel better – and in the process of building her up back to wellness – she is now looking at baby number 4. Telling fertile women that they can’t conceive due to their age is  a blatant lie.

The statistics for conceptions over 35 or 40 are from those who were not accidentally conceiving well before that.

Those women who are with fertile men need contraception at whatever age.
The key to fertility is paternal lack of reactive oxidative stress.
Almost all modern choices wreck the quality of the sperm.
Independent of her age.

Just HIS caffeine consumption can be plotted against miscarriage incidence.

So bad is the sperm quality, that in the semen tests in NZ, the percentage of ‘abnromals’ (visually OK – otherwise known as ‘morphology’  is not even on the result sheet.
Neither is the speed of the ones that are actually swimming in a forwards direction.

Used to be the progressives were rated fast. medium or slow.  Now just ‘progressive’.
Not helpful if we are trying to work out why baby did not make it.

Recently I saw a semen analysis of a man who believed that he was ‘fine’ – a result of 23 million/ml, 53% of them being dead, and only 26% swimming forwards.

Why would his 42 year old wife NOT have miscarriages only (at 12 and 8 and 6 weeks)?

All the while wrecking her body with the distress and the trauma and drain of the egg collections that can not result in babies that blossom into well children.


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