Environmental Toxins

So many women come to me desperate to be mums.  Rarely do I see the cause of the problem.  The potential Dad to be.

Sperm health is diminishing – as predicted over 50 years ago by Dr Rachel Carson.

Global contaminantion is affecting all.

Whilst environmental toxicity may not be given as a reason for your lack of quality eggs/sperm or embryos, it is a significant reason why you may be only experiencing miscarriages or no pregnancies at all.  This gives rise to sperm defragmenattion.

Why not heard about this?
No medical procedure or drug to be taken for the rest of your life.
What can you do about this?

Heaps.  There is so much information about how commonly ingested ‘foods’ mess with fetal health – and hence whether a pregnancy gets going well.

Caffeine and alcohol are obvious.

Most plastics and all modern life is also messing with sperm and potential babies.

Why not take charge yourself?

You may try banning all these things – and how can you?

There is another way – help the accumulated chemicals currently sitting in your body and fat cells to safely and permanently leave.

Investigating yourself on line – check out at ‘toxic sperm’ or ‘toxic breast milk’ – will show you the gravity of this problem.

We are all awash with chemicals that we did not consciously agree to store within us.

These all mess with normal body function.
Often leading to cancer.
Often leading to no babies – regardless of effort.

Find out what YOU can do to rid yourself of toxins