Endometriosis, fibroids, lumps, cysts blocked tubes

In fact anything where it is not supposed to be . . .

There is a reason the body is growing tissue strangely.

What is triggering off this state of overgrowth?

What is stopping the normal constraints being applied?

Could even be cancer (the dreaded C word that needs undoing in all of us at some point .. . brings up – is your immune system actually happy?

In researching this I have discovered that most of what I have previously put down to as ‘Stuck Liver Qi’ can equally be called – Magnesium deficiency . .    it will pay to ensure that transdermally (across the skin – by applying a Magnesium oil to the skin) and undoing your angst and inner dialogue.

Leakage of past life experiences into this ‘now’
– What sets all this up?

Medically there is a tendency to view the consequences of what has upset a woman at any stage in her life as being incidental/peripheral. This mechanical model is where orthodox version of women’s health care fails.

Acupuncture using an energy model is far more inclusive.

To really understand what is going on in their body, the reader HAS to start where they to date have assumed it is all happening . . and work backwards to what has created the problems that require attention . . what got you to where you are investigating this page and why nothing has really ‘worked’ as you have only followed the physical end points and what to do to undo the RESULTS:

how menstruation is affected by life1

If we looked more to the energy model – especially what was happening in the blood we would have a better idea of what to do to help ourselves.  What you have is not all the focus.

Also look at what CAUSED it to be there at all.

how menstruation is affected by life2

We could look at what has happened to stop the energy from freely circulating. Often it is from small or large increments of cold ingested, or administered  that has lead the body to having pockets of congealed circulation.

External ‘climates’ affecting you

Cold slows down the circulation – whether the cold invasion comes from a therapeutically intended is a cold pack for damaged knees, or from eating ice cream after all meals, or from the chilled water you only drink, or from having an air conditioner on at night as HE sleeps too hot, or from a combination of these as all other small but important increments of cold invasion that have happened over your life to date sits inside you and lurk awaiting time to mess up your flows.

Cold causes the Qi and Blood to become less able to circulate – and pain happens where there is reduced flow.  Having continual and usually unconscious/unaware exposure to cold and then doing everything else as directed will keep the energy problems on board – and you feeling as though it is all hopeless – this is why you are being lead through this process step by step.

how menstruation is affected by life3

Cold invasion and inadvertent storage stops normal body function.  Cold causes congestion, congealing of blood leading to clotting, slow circulation, giving rise to pain. Heat is one temporary help.

You can read more in Cold is NOT a Woman’s Friend .

Emotions (inner climates) affecting you – the emotional responses to the beliefs that we may have been raised with – how we see being a woman/bleeding and ourselves and our sexuality all play a huge role in whether the energy and blood can even flow through our reproductive areas as it is supposed to.

Often these beliefs rule the life.  They may be so pervasive we have no idea of their existence.

I often have women coming in to see me who refuse to have periods – they are continually on the pill or have implants to stop bleeding. This in itself will cause massive health problems as women are designed to make blood and lose it monthly.

What to do about all of this?

Perhaps see that there is more than just going on the pill.

Possibly not just have more surgery for more endometriosis.

Why not correct naturally why it is there and not working perfectly?

Come in and see Heather for a session to see what you can do to help yourself, or start the self empowerment process and download the Living Well package.  Especially start with the MP3 meditation tracks.  The ‘cold and how to affects healing’ ebook is in this as well as six others – including amazingly simple ways to undo the pain and suffering that is bound into your body – get a friend/over to massage your cares away in these easy and highly effective steps Heather has found in her clinical practice.

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