Your Metabolism and Cold – Learn how it prevents healing

Your Metabolism and Cold – Learn how it prevents healing

Your Metabolism & Cold - How it prevents healing
Your Metabolism & Cold – How it prevents healing

This eBook is the introduction to what you can do to help yourself – and live very differently as a result. It provides the introductory step for all who seek my help – for just about ANYTHING.

If you suspect it is your metabolism that is failing you – you are probably right.

If you have been tested and if you have a family history, and if for no good reason, your weight fluctuates – especially retaining fluid – this is your first stop.

Cold seems to make its way into the body as though this is a good thing – and when added in intentionally/ therapeutically it is often way over the top – how can anything get better when partially frozen? Healing is not all about feeling numb. Pain often is instructive and actually telling us to NOT carry on as usual.

So many people come into see Heather – often YEARS after the cold was used – and the cold has quietly wrecked their bodies’ ability to work well – resulting in myriad complaints – none of which are satisfactorily addressed through usual means.

Putting it all down to ‘aging’ is just not good enough. Using MORE cold is ALSO a ridiculous insult to the body.

Allowing ice or cold ANYWHERE near a birthing or breastfeeding mother is plain stupidity – learn why and how to sort yourself out. Chinese medicine gives a template for wellness and self empowerment. Most of what the ‘old wives’/inherited wisdom spoke of was based on lifetimes of observation – and although there may be no ‘science’ involved – following what has worked through all different cultures and over time will also help you to help yourself.

As with all Heather’s series of eBooks, the concepts of metabolism and regeneration are explained from a very different and body respectful position.

  • What a person is really made of – page 10/11
  • How to enhance your life – page 12
  • Causes of disease and how to enhance, or wreck your life – page 13
  • What low energy production/circulation feels like and why – page 17/18
  • How we really damage our inner furnace/fore and hence strength – page 23
  • What cold invasion does to our body – page 25
  • Why we would use such a destructive force internally – page 26
  • After effects of I.C.E. – case histories all through this book – page 28
  • What to use instead of ice – page 32
  • Damp/fat/phlegm/Obstructed life force/foggy head – page 35
  • Holding energy falling down/digestion on the blink/all bleeding out of turn – consequences of cold invasion lurking and festering away – page 37
  • Accelerated aging – page 43
  • What excess heat in the body can do – page 45
  • Craving cold drinks page 46
  • CREATING birth injuries – the therapeutic blinkers upsetting life thereafter – age 49
  • What to use instead of cold – page 57
  • How to get rid of the stored cold – page 61
  • Well women /people – page 65


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