Inner Changes for A Well Pregnancy

One of the very gross markers western medicine uses is maternal age.

This does NOT reflect the state of a woman’s inner strength, preparedness or even ability to reproduce.

It is thus not mentioned in any of my work as the BIOLOGICAL age; the condition of her Blood energy and her Jing is of importance here — not how many birthdays she has had. What you will see though is a lot about Jing and its state — and also that of the Blood energy.

When the body is overwhelmed, (was not well and vibrant when pregnancy happened), a catch up phase is needed.

If possible, most would heed this, slow down, and possibly just go to bed (early and often).

A baby going through a growth phase, or a teenager who seems to sleep their life away, emerging just to fill up with fuel and do it all over again is following what their body dictates.

There is usually a reason for this behaviour and we can sail through this growth/regeneration patch easily.

When we override body wisdom, there are often consequences.

This ebook explains what is happening as your pregnancy progresses and tells you what to expect and how to manage the changes.

Feedback from readers:

“After reading the Inner Changes book, about having a healthy body BEFORE pregnancy I can write how that helped me.

The book made me stop focusing on falling pregnant and start looking at being the healthiest I could be to carry a baby. I took comfort in knowing I had a year or so to get healthy on the inside before I had a baby. It happened a lot quicker than that so now I’m aware that I have to work very hard at being healthy now to carry a healthy baby. It wasn’t so much as what I put in my mouth as I’m a very healthy eater and exerciser but how I manage my stress. It opened my eyes to the effects of stress on my body and my baby. I realised that the stress I stew on daily and don’t speak up about wasn’t just effecting my state of mind but also my fertility.

I was able to pin point symptoms and relate them to my emotional state and then do something about it. I take a lot more time for myself and putting my needs first and the biggest thing I learnt was to ask people to do things for me instead of me always looking after everyone else’s needs. I can do this now without feeling guilty and I have learnt to speak up to get my needs met. This is the biggest gift anyone can have! I passed the book on to anyone I knew like me so they could have this wisdom and they were all fixated on it like me. Our bodies are a result of the environment we provide it with…..

Thanks Heather for enlightening myself and some very special people in my life. It was the greatest gift I could pass on to them.” – MICHELLE C (now accidentally pregnant way before I thought I would be)