Back pain in pregnancy

Back pain in pregnancy

Lower back pain in pregnancy is often the cause of considerable life disruption in pregnancy. Back pain when viewed through the Chinese medical energy model is the most common symptom of Kidney complex deficiency (inherent constitutional weakness). Whilst orthodox biomedicine marginalises back pain in pregnancy, as although it is often debilitating, it is not life threatening.

Afflicting most women when pregnant, this is easy to fix. (Yes – I am serious – easy to work with at home, when you have a few secret ingredients and not much time)

Not using the orthodox methods of seeing a structural specialist, or waiting for baby to be born – it is as easy as dad or someone helping you at home, with a fascinating and safe and quick way to delightful comfort and better sleep!!
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At home.



Allowing easy pregnancy and easy birthing to cone true for you!

All pain is seen in Chinese medicine as being due to the reduction of normal circulation.

Many things may cause  this.

1) – Lack of the essential energy that grows the baby easily – central symptom – back ache – next one – up and down all night to pee .  . easily fixed – just add moxa!!! Chinese medicine sees maternal Kidney Qi supplying developing baby with all of its life force. The direct impact of improving maternal Kidney Qi is baby’s enhanced growth and constitution. Means any and all high risk issues – especially worrying you about baby intrauterine growth are all solved – just add moxa!!!

2) – Stored cold from all that icing of past injuries, or through being an avid water skier, or just through life. Cold causes the muscles and tissues to contract, making them hurt and not work as they should. Learn more in Cold is Not A Woman’s Friend.

3) – Not enough Magnesium in your body – Most are suffering not from named medical problems, but what sets these in place – on all – pregnant or not – nutritional deficiencies. You medical specialist  birthing or not – Western medicine goes on a journey to find chemicals not the answers – here you find Magnesium (Not calcium) has been researched over the decades to be the answer to all pregnancy woes – pre eclampsia, fluid swelling, high blood pressure, all aches and pains, and of course gestational diabetes, digestive problems, constipation, depression a and all matters stillbirth and miscarriage having a blood circulation or a fetal growth component – why not listen to your body – there is pain – that means – lack of magnesium and see an acupuncturists as they are trained to work with the body’s “why’s” not the medical “don’t know’s”/let us worry you and monitor excessively . .

Magnesium deficiency causing all tremors, aches, spasming, (and most pregnancy upsets and birthing and post natal ones – so totally safe and needed in all pregnant women).

4) – It could be a lack of Blood energy (I always suggest pregnant women take Chinese herbs to enhance theirs so their breastfeeding and their sanity and sleeping and retention of head hair are all perfect after birth)

There is much said on the use of Magnesium here.  Magnesium supplementation allows comfort, sleep, freedom from Gestational Diabetes and a sense of calm to pervade your life.

The use of cold stagnates and congests the Qi allowing for lack of circulation and then pain.  Avoid all cold. In the modern world, ingestion of cold water is seen as normal, as is taking food for immediate consumption out of the fridge, walking barefoot on cold surfaces, sleeping in draughts, especially under air conditioning and fans and open windows, or using ice to numb (especially after birth and on engorged breasts in Brisbane and increasingly in New Zealand, against all common sense) and of icing all damaged and inflamed parts of a body as standard procedures.

Please go to the allied areas – to learn how not to damage a new mum.  The epidemic of mastitis and infections after birth all point to inadequate care – and the invasion of cold is warned against in all Chinese medical literature.Discussed in the eBook ‘Undoing Aches and Pains in Pregnancy’ or in the What Dads Can Do manual complete with massage DVD is how to ease her into comfort and happiness – at home and effectively using the tools explained.

There are easy steps for anyone to enhance the mother’s Kidney Qi, hence improve the outcome of pregnancy by remedying the deficiency warning sign of lower backache. Using indirect moxa on her sacrum is an easy, safe and effective way to improve her pregnancy and also the baby’s positioning; thus ensuring a better birth outcome.

The intended recipient of this information is the prospective dad – with this nightly ‘hands on’ intervention he can make the difference by allowing his baby’s mother peaceful sleeping, creating a great foundation for the comfortable growth and birth of their family.

Also make an appointment to see Heather as she can teach you easily how to help yourself at home with these simple tools. ph (Australia 07) 3899 2274